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About ME!

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Last Updated: June 24, 2008

Nickname: Stefwithaf

Real Name: Stefanie

Other Online Names: AJsStef, Stef With a F, GreenLeoFiend, WingsStef, AppleEarring

Where I chat at: Yahoo IM, AIM, , WingsStef Myspace

My birthday: October 08

Horoscope: Sun: Libra, Moon: Taurus, Rising: Leo, Celtic Moon: Ivy/Butterfly, Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram, Element: Earth

Pepsi or Coke: Coca-Cola Baby!

Siblings?: Yes, Two sisters

Where I live: Some Town, Michigan, United States Of America, Planet Earth, This Dimention

Latest News: Huge Heroes fanatic who loves to watch Baseball and Hockey and is big Sci-Fi Fan

Favorite TV Shows: Heroes, Scrubs, Numb3rs, The Biggest Loser, Ghost Whisperer, American Idol

Out of Date About me Page:  About Me Page 2: Favorite Stuff   (Out of Date check it out for nostalgia)

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Yahoo: stefwithaf

AOL: AJsStef

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