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Ashley Ruddy

Note: Profile contains spoilers

NAME: Ashley Marie Ruddy

A.K.A.: Archania Ink

NICKNAMES: Ash, Miss Ink

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Reddish brown feathers, hazel eyes, long dark brown hair

CLOTHING: Jeans and a t-shirt of her favorite band of the week

OCCUPATION: Bartender / Computer Hacker / Petty Crook in Training

HOBBIES: Plays video games, listens to music, comic book cartoonist, experiments, hacks

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Great Chemist and uses her knowledge to her advantage, good computer skills, has some fighting ability

ORIGIN: Was raised by her Aunt Careen that she thought was her mother. When she was twelve years old, she witness her "Aunt Scarlett" (actually her mother) be killed by Darkwing Duck and Quiverwing Quack while in St. Carnard for a Comic Book Convention. After her aunt died when she was sixteen she came to live with the father she never knew, his wife, and half brother,  but after a year, she got emancipated with her father's permission.  She then  lied about her age so she could work as a bartender at a bar in Duckburg. When she neared 21 years of age, received a mysterious letter from her mother, a known felon.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: She doesn't handle situations that well. While attempting to find information from her mother,  she took an arcade and a 13-year-old boy hostage. Became a new costume menace named Archania Ink but so far her crimes been rather minor except for the hostage situation.

MOTIVATION: Get revenge from Darkwing and Quiverwing, her abandonment issues from her mother, and her complicated love life.

PERSONALITY: Talkative, and generally friendly, yet very reserved, and can be mean when she feels vulnerable. Sensitive about her past.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Daughter of Splatter Phoenix and James Ruddy, stepdaughter of Suellen Ruddy, sister of Jeffery Ruddy, Friends of Dewey Duck, and Tank Muddlefoot, mother of unborn child.

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