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Chapter 1

"Good Morning Boys!" Donald shouted up the stairs. The statement was more of the "WAKE UP!" nature than just the simple greeting.

"Donald," Daisy said surprisingly calmly, "Did Dumbella say when she was coming?"

Donald mumbled under his breath. "SHhhhh!" he shouted annoyingly. "The boys!" In annoyed near whisper he added, "Sometime today."

"That vague?" Daisy inquired.

Donald was about say something when Huey arrived at the bottom of the stairs.

"If you are talking about the Orkon man, yes please…there’s a wasp in my room."

"Yeah, they are annoying honey," Daisy agreed. She stared at Donald.

He rolled his eyes, turned around, and poured some coffee.

"What’s up with Uncle Donald?" asked Dewey, once he came down.

Huey shrugged. "He is always cranky in the morning, I don’t see anything different."

"Dasiy keeps staring at him too, like she wants him to say something?" added Dewey.

"And that is supposed to me anything different?" said Huey. "Probably just some adult married thing, that – GROSS! – I don’t even want to think that at this moment."

Louie laughed.

"I guess you are right," said Dewey.

Just a few feet away, Daisy sighed. She turned around and smiled sweetly, "Boys, sit, your breakfast is getting cold, and it’s almost time for you three to leave for school."

The boys sat down. They ate up their breakfast.

Next up was putting their hands out for their lunch money.

For a moment there, Donald just downed more and more coffee.

Dewey looked at Louie, "Freaky", he said.

"Um, Uncle Donald? Earth to Uncle Donald…we need are mula for some lunch?" asked Huey.

Donald placed down his coffee. He turned around, sweat down his face.

"Yes?!" he snapped.

"Don’t have a coronary!" Huey shouted. "We just need our lunch money."

Donald swiftly grabbed three five-dollar bills out of his pocket and gave it to three boys.

"Something wrong, Uncle Donald?" Dewey asked.

"No, why you ask? You three are going to be late, so, see you later," Donald replied.

Dewey nodded.

"Yeah…" sighed Louie.

"Bye Uncle Donald," said Huey.

The three went out the kitchen door.

"Now, you see what I mean?" asked Dewey.

Louie nodded. "He’s acting weirder than usual."

"He’s upset about something…I wonder if he knows about me and Gos?" added Huey.

Dewey looked at Louie. Man! Someone kept him out the loop!

Louie just chuckled. But then said, "I doubt it Bro, if he knew about Gos, I think he would have just straight out killed you. I think I agree with Dewey here, Uncle Donald is worried about something."

Dewey frowned, "Yeah. Well, we better get going. Whose turn is it to drive today?"

"Mine," said Louie, he picked up the keys and the three ducks drove away.


Bella rode into town. A piece of her light brown hair covered her eyes. She gently secured it behind her left ear. She looked at her watch: it was mid-morning. The joggers and dog walkers for the most part would be done for the day, and children for the most part would be at school. Bella preferred this situation…though it has been ten years; it was still possible someone around here would recognize her. And her choice of transportation would not be favorable by some either. Especially the fact she had a six year old child with her. Melanie, the dark-feathered, brown-eyed duckling, was used to riding on the back of her mother’s bike, and actually enjoyed it very much.

She was tired and hungry, and was betting Melanie would be too. She found somewhere to park, and helped Melanie down, taking her hand.

"Hungry?" Bella asked.

"Yes!" shouted the child.

"Good, I see there is a Quacker Barrel just around the corner here. Let’s go," announced Bella.

To Be Continued

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