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Back to the Nest

Chapter 5

Oh, Mickey Mouse, is a well-known television star in this story.

And either way, please tell me what you think…feedback is like fuel with me. Thank you

"Hey get back here!" Donald shouted. "This is my house! Why are you answering the door anyway!? Get back here and tell us what you were going to say! You have dragged it out long enough!"

Bella ignored Donald and opened the door.

A young duckling jumped into Bella’s arms.

"Boys, this is Melanie," she said. "Your sister." Bella revealed.

Dewey laughed nervously, "You are kidding, right?"

"No…" Bella answered quietly.

"Mommy? What is wrong?" asked Melanie. "It's okay baby," Bella promised the child. "Meet your Uncle Donald, your Aunt Daisy, and your brothers Dewey and Louie.

Melanie gestured to be placed down and she slowly approached these new Ducks in her life.

"They can't be my family Mommy," the child simply said. "I never meant them before. And if they are my brothers, why don't they live with us?"

"Good question," Daisy mumbled under her breath.

"Long story, but honey, your Uncle Donald is my brother, and Daisy is his wife," Bella explained. "And I thought it was time that you finally met them."

Melanie looked up to Dewey and Louie. "Aren't you sure you are not my cousins? You are so tall."

Louie crunched down to be eye level to the girl. "Well, " he said in calm voice, we do have the same mother. "Hey, what to go to my room and play some video games or a video?"


You have some Mickey Mouse?!" Melanie asked excitedly.

Louie laughed. "Yes, in fact I do. Hey come with me."

He offered Melanie his hand. Melanie looked up to her mother. "Can I go?" she asked.

Bella nodded. "Thanks Louie," she said. "I would like to talk you later, okay?"

Louie nodded, but said nothing else to his mother. "Come on Melanie," he repeated.

Melanie accepted his hand and the two left the room.

Once Melanie and Louie were out of earshot, Dewey let out a huge sigh.

"So mom, is that the last surprise?" asked Dewey.

Bella nodded. "Yes."

*End of Scene one *

Sixteen-year-old Gosalyn Mallard was laying on her bed, tackling her mountain of homework. Her favorite band was streaming out of her stereo system.

"I hate Algebra!" she shouted.

But suddenly there was a knock at her window. Gosalyn quickly jumped out of her bed.

"Hey Gos!" a voice called. "Hey Gos, let me in."

Gosalyn went to her window, and peeked through the curtain.

"Huey?" she inquired. But without saying more, she opened her window and let the duck in.

"Are you crazy?" she asked. "You are lucky my dad is not home, he would kill you."

Huey walked past Gosalyn and plopped on the bed.

He rubbed his eyes then stared at the ceiling. "My life is crap anyway."

Gosalyn plopped next to Huey on the bed. This time the bounce created caused Gosalyn's textbooks to crash to the ground.

"Why so?" she asked.

"My mother," he sighed.

"Your mother," she repeated. "You never talk about her."

Huey scuffed. "Not like she cares about me."


"You know…I never really knew my mother she died so long ago," Gosalyn started.

"My mother may as well be dead…she is to me," Huey stated.

Gosalyn got up from the bed. "Never say that."

"Gosalyn…Your mother, your grandfather…they didn't choose to leave, they died. My mother chose to leave…it is not the same. My Uncle Donald is the only parent I need. I mean you, you practically grew up with one parent yourself as well. Daisy is more of a mother to me as well too."

Gosalyn nodded. "True, but it wouldn't hurt to let your mother in too, eventually. Think of it this way Huey…you will look like better person."

Huey gave Gosalyn a weird look.

Gosalyn laughed.

"On the other hand, you could also just make her work for it…" she suggested.

"Now you are talking Gos…" Huey responded.

To Be Continued

Please tell me what you think

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