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Back to the Nest

Chapters 6 and 7

Note: Though this story is still not strictly DuckTales or Quack Pack, I will admit, there are some DuckTales references. Also, to its spin-off Darkwing Duck. I mean, you know, Daisy was never really mentioned in DuckTales at all. And the version of Daisy I am using comes mostly from Donald Duck Presents if you are curious. It came to my attention that Dumbella is named Della according to one comic version and Thelma in another. Well, this is my own version, LOL. I based it from the cartoon Donald's Nephews, and I admit that I took a creative license on Dumbella Duck's background. But isn't that half the fun with fanfiction?

 Chapter 6

Scene 1: Louie's Bedroom

(Mickey Mouse video played in the background)

"So, how are old are you Melanie?" Louie asked.

Melanie, who was memorized by the TV screen, merely flashed six fingers in the air.

"Six, huh?" he said.

Melanie nodded.

"Where's your father?" Louie asked.

Melanie shrugged her shoulders.

"I so love Mickey!" Melanie shouted.

"So," started Daisy, "Where are you staying?"

Bella lowered her head. "Well…" Bella said with hesitation. "I spent my last dime on breakfast this morning. My dear friend Cindy helped Melanie and I out for Lunch, but she really has to head back home. Donald, I was wondering…"

"Why you …" Daisy cried.

"Quiet! Quiet!" Donald shouted.

"I think…I'm going see what Melanie and Louie are doing…" Dewey attempts to interrupt. Another argument was brooding -- Another? When did the other end? -- And Dewey knew he needed to get away fast.

"Let me guess, you need a place to stay. I mean, that is the real reason, why you are back." Donald laughed.

Dewey leaves the room, yet stays within earshot.

"And I was starting to believe that maybe you finally cared about the boys."

"I do care about the boys, I always did!" Bella shouted.

Donald steamed up. His face turned a beaded red, and he left the room without saying another word.

Daisy gave Bella a nasty look, and then followed her husband.

Bella cried silently into a couch throw pillow.

* Flash Back *

"Girl, you have to stop and think what is really important in your life," said a female duck. "Go home Bella. Find your roots."

"I know, Cindy, I am scared."

"Don't be. You made mistakes in your life, true. But the last few years, you did well for yourself, and you can not punish yourself forever. I know it would be easy as pie for me to help you forever, and believe me I would love it, but honey…you know it is not right," Cindy preached.


"Your boys are nearly men now, don't wait until they are. Melanie deserves a real family."

"I hope my brother agrees."

* End of Flash Back *

"Knock, Knock…" said a voice.

"Hey Dewey, come in," called Louie.

Dewey came in.

"I heard some yelling…." Louie added once Dewey closed the door.

Dewey rolled his eyes. Other than the rolling eyes, Dewey ignored the question. He turned his attention to the TV. "Nice choice Melanie, this is a good movie," he said.

"Are you going to let her stay Donald?" asked Daisy.

"Of course I am!" Donald shouted. "What should I do, let them live on the streets? There was a time I wouldn't care…and maybe I shouldn't now…but it's not fair to the little girl…and even the boys."

Just then, at the back door, the lock started to shift. It was Huey, he was back from where ever he was.

"And even the boys, what?" Huey inquired. "What did I miss…I heard some screaming on the way here, but couldn't make it out?"

Daisy rolled her eyes. "Maybe I should go get some take out?"

Donald's answer was inaudible.

"Okay, I will pick, and don't worry I have some money. Your mother is in living room, honey," she said to Huey. "She will be staying here for a while."

"Thank you Dais," Huey replied.

Daisy nodded, kissed Donald on the forehead, and left the room.

"I'm going upstairs," Donald informed.

"Okay, Uncle Donald," Huey responded. He then went back to the front room.

On the sofa, Bella was still resting on the pillow. She was no longer crying, yet evidence of past tears was obvious.

Huey stood there motionlessly for moment. She seemed so upset, was it wrong to string her along with what would be a fake olive branch? She was gone for ten years, and presently, Huey had not intention to let bygones be bygones. Yes, Huey told himself, You can do this.

"Mom?" Huey called in a fake sincere tone. "Are you alright?"

Bella sat up a little. "Yeah, I'm glad you came back. A lot of things happened the last ten years between the both of us. I know you might not trust me, and why should you? So, this is why…"

Huey opened his mouth, and cut his mother off.

"Hey, we have lots of time for us to discuss this later. From what I hear, you are staying with us for a while," Huey stated.

Bella's eyes brighten a bit. "Come on, let's watch some TV together. Let's catch up."

"Alrighty", agreed Huey.

*End of chapter 6*

Chapter 7

"Come on, let's watch some TV together. Let's catch up," Bella offered.

"Alrighty", agreed Huey.

Bella moved over and Huey sat next to his mother.

"Well, mom, can I tell you a secret?" Huey asked.

"What kind of secret and why can't I tell?" she asked with concern in her voice.

Huey laughed. "Oh, it's nothing, I just haven't told all the others yet. So, if I tell you, will you promise not to tell?"

Bella pondered for a moment there. No real harm in saying yes. If it was something bad, she would just do something about it anyway...those types of promises are meant to be broken.

"Yes, tell me," Bella stated.

"I have a girlfriend," Huey revealed. "Her name is Gosalyn, she's the captain of the Ice Ducks, a women's hockey team."

"She live around here?" Bella asked.

"Well, yes and no, kinda..." Huey answered.

Bella laughed, "Okay, so in the state?" She laughed again.

Huey nodded. "Saint Canard actually."

He grabbed the remote and switched the channel to The Ducks of Hazard.

"So," Louie whispered to Dewey. "What exactly is going on?"

"Well," Dewey whispered back, "I don't know for sure, but I think mom is staying with us."

"For a while you mean?"

"Maybe longer than that, she told Uncle Donald and Daisy that she doesn't have anywhere to go."

Louie sighed. "Ah, I see."

"Yup," Dewey sighed.

Louie shook his head. "Well, we can't allow Melanie to suffer for the sins of our mother. She seems to be a cute kid."

"I just really, really would like to know what kept her from us all these years...It just..." Dewey clenched his fist in frustration. "I mean, 10 years, and she obviously at least for a while, she had another family that did not include us." He closed his eyes, tried to hold off his inner anger.

Louie turned his head; he was trying to ignore that fact for the moment.

"It is going to be hard for awhile," Louie stated.

"But you are right," said Dewey. "We can not take our anger out on Melanie, it's Melanie, right?"

Louie nodded. "Yeah," he said with a slight laugh. "It is Melanie. We talked a bit, though, I think she has more of a Mickey addiction than we used to."

"You don't say. I mean, maybe compared to the us of today..." Dewey suggested.

"Maybe," Louie considered. "I asked her about her father..."

Dewey raised an eyebrow. "Hmm?"

Louie nodded. "Yeah, she doesn't seem to know where he is."

"Well, I mean..." Dewey started. "Mom is here with us, she obviously left him or something."

Louie nodded. "I thought maybe he was dead...but no, that doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe he left mom, like our dad left her?"

"Maybe, but..." Dewey sighed. "She did not do right by us bro. But, you know what?"


"You go tell me the heck you and Huey were chuckling about earlier about him and Gosalyn Mallard? What the heck did Huey do that you thought maybe Uncle Donald knew about?" Dewey demanded.

Louie just laughed. A different subject did sound good about now. "Well..."

* About an hour later *

Daisy opened the front door. She was carrying four pizzas: two deluxe, one extra cheese, and one Hawaiian Pizza (ham and pineapple). She placed three of the pizzas on the kitchen counter, and took the Hawaiian Pizza upstairs with her.

She came to her bedroom door. She tried to open it but realized that Donald hooked it shut.

"Donald!" Daisy called. "Please let me in."

Donald sighed in the background. "Just a second," he said.

Donald unhooked the door, and Daisy came in.

"I got your favorite," Daisy informed.

"Hawaiian?" Donald as