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Back to the Nest

Chapters 8 to 11

Word Count : About 4300

Disclaimers and Author Notes:

Disney owns Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Gosalyn Mallard, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Disney also owns Donald's sister Dumbella, yet will also be known as Bella Widgeon, who in a way is my character, her background is of my own design, because the cartoon version didn't give her much of a background at all. Gregory Widgeon, Melanie Widgeon, and Cindy Ganderquack are mine. Please ask before you use these characters. Please forgive me if I "Destroyed" any of Disney's characters...And if you wish, please feel free to "nicely" tell me what I did wrong...I would love the help, but please don't flame me. Constructive Criticism is Welcome. Yes, the Webby to which Louie is referring is in fact Webigal Vanderquack from Ducktales. She has no relationship to Cindy Ganderquack except for the fact their last names are kind of similar.

 Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Before Donald and Daisy were married, they collectively bought a fine house. It had four bedrooms, giving each teen duck his own room. This was well appreciated because it will well known that a teenager needs his privacy. Scrooge McDuck in a moment of rare generosity bought each of the lads a new mini entertainment system. Bella Duck Widgeon's arrival brought a new factor into this busy household.

Giving away a bedroom was not an option.

Later That Night

"You know? There is one thing we did not think about, Louie?" Dewey asked.


"I know I am not giving up my room," answered Dewey.

"Heck no," Huey said.

"Well, duh...but where is mom going to sleep?" commented Louie.

Donald felt the same way; none of the boys were going to give up a room. Especially, since Bella just showed up with almost no warning. For the night, Bella and Melanie would sleep in the front room that night, on an areobed. Donald officially told Bella that she could stay as long as needed. He wasn't entirely thrilled with the idea, and Bella could tell.

The Next Day

The house was quite quiet after Donald and Daisy left for work and the boys were at school. This was an amble time for Bella to freshen up. She didn't have a bedroom at the moment, and the extra privacy of being home alone appealed to Bella. She took a shower, groomed herself a bit, and made herself a small breakfast. Next up was the task to register Melanie to the local elementary school. Melanie would need to adjust a bit since hopefully her adapting skills would remain keen.

The rest of the day was quite boring. Well, not as if the beginning of the day was any better, but anyway. She did the morning dishes, made the boys beds, tidied up the messy living room floor. No one in the household expected for her to do these chores--well, not openly anyway-- but she felt like she owed it to them.

She turned on the TV, and was admired to all the channels Donald had. Back when she was married to Gregory, they had several, many, many channels. Yet, during the time she stayed with Cindy Ganderquack, her television options differed greatly. It was a bad habit. Yet in a lonely life, the simple pleasure of flicking channels could be surprisingly soothing.

Bella sighed, after few hours of lame talk shows, and tired soap opera plots. She reached over and turned off the TV. Melanie was in the other room taking a nap. Bella just required a few quiet moments to think.

Melanie, as mentioned earlier, had an interesting knack for change. She also understood the meaning of an alternative family. As far as could remember, she lived with her divorced mother and her "Aunt Cindy". She doesn't know her father. He never wanted kids. It saddens Bella's heart when she realizes there was a time that she did not mind. Her marriage to Gregory brought her riches and popularity of which she could only dream. She had her horse, her motorcycle, and her servants.

The turning point was just seven years ago. It was the miscarriage. Bella missed that baby more than she thought was ever possible. She knew in all her riches something; there was something still that she was still missing in her life-- her children.

So one night she called her boys, but they were not there. The number she dialed was disconnected. It scared her. She did not know what happened. Did Donald take off on her without telling her? Did something happen to the boys? She didn't have another number for Donald, and she lost connect with her other estranged relatives years before.

Her great situation of three years was suddenly turning into her worse nightmare.

* Flash Back *

"I want a divorce Gregory," Bella said.

Gregory caressed Bella's face. He didn't care for Bella's children, but he always loved Bella...well, he loved her appearance anyway.

"Why my sweet girl, why?" he asked. "Are you not happy here?"

"No, I'm not. Please give me a divorce. I did sign the prenuptial agreement. I'll leave with nothing."

*End of Flash Black *

So, Gregory and Bella got a divorce. Bella got nothing except that which was already hers, such as her motorcycle. Not long after the divorce was finalized, Bella found out that she was pregnant once again. She never told Gregory about this child, his child. Frankly she was not sure Gregory would even care.

The door flew open, and broke Bella's prolonged daydream.

"And then with two seconds left in the third period..." Louie shouted.

Huey laughed, and adjusted a few stray feathers on his head. "I know. I'm just the sweetest hockey player in Duckburg!"

"Keep telling yourself that..." Dewey said with a laugh.

Huey shook his head. "No, I'm bad and you know it."

"Glad you are admitting it!" taunted Dewey.

Huey backslapped Dewey on the shoulder.

Dewey stepped back, and laughed.

"Oh hi mom," he called.

"Hello boys, you guys had a hockey game? If I knew, I would have come. It was good I assume?" she asked.

"Yeah was..." Louie started.

"Well jeez mom," Huey stated. He had his index finger hanging over his chin as if he was pondering something. "Well, I supposed if you have been here for us more than two seconds, you would have known!" Huey shouted.

Bella clenched her fingers and sighed.

"Enough, it's time to tell you all the truth. Your uncle is not here right now, but hey, it might be better that way. And Daisy..." Bella shouted, but then shook her head. "No, no projecting blame or anger right now...You three sit down."

Chapter 9


Chapter 9

"Well jeez mom," Huey stated. He had his index finger hanging over his chin as if he was pondering something. "Well, I supposed if you have been here for us more than two seconds, you would have known!" Huey shouted.

Bella clenched her fingers and sighed.

"Enough, it's time to tell you all the truth. Your uncle is not here right now, but hey, it might be better that way. And Daisy…" Bella shouted, but then shook her head. "No, no projecting blame or anger right now…You three sit down."

"Oh yeah, right, yeah…Mom, I wasn't here during your first attempt of redemption, and you know what? It was intentional. So I am just going to get my butt out of here," Huey announced.

"No, you don't!" Bella stated, grabbing Huey's sleeve.

"Ah, now you are going to snoop to man-handling, nice," Huey said.

"I thought we were getting along so well last night," Bella began.

"Well," Huey said, with a sarcastic laugh, "I was trying to deceive you. You know. All is fair in war, right? Well, I mean. I don't buy your sugar sweet act, and I doubt I ever will. When, I look at you, I just…" Huey takes a deep breath.

"Shh…" Dewey whispers to Huey.

Huey gave Dewey the evil eye.

"Trust me," Dewey whispers back.

"Mom," Dewey said. "Huey is not the only one that feels this way. I mean…" Dewey sighs. "I seriously want to try to build us up again, but, I also remember how much we all missed you. We all handled the situation a different way. It was easier for example for Louie to come to believe that you were dead. I tried to ignore the fact myself. That yes, you abandoned us. But, everyone deserves his or her day in court. I guess today is yours."

"So are you are you all going to seat down now?" Bella asked.

"Where's Melanie?" Louie asked.

"She's asleep, now please, you three have to hear the truth," Bella began.

"It actually started eleven years ago. Your father stopped giving me financial support for sometime then. I haven't heard from him for two years. It was hard trying to raise three young children on your own."

"That's when you march to the phone, get a lawyer, and sue the deadbeat. But know, you are not smart enough for that…" Huey informed.

Bella pretended to ignore the comment.

"And then I met this man. He was handsome, kind, and rich." Bella smiled. "He used to drown me with the sweetest compliments. Your father never was a gentlemen like this."

Bella laughed weakly.

"Well, I thought Gregory was a gentlemen. When I was in high school, I thought I would be with your father forever. Isn't that something a heartsick teenager would believe? He didn't stay with me long after you three were born. I don't know if he was scared of the responsibility or if he never really cared about me. But, I wanted to be married one day. So, well, when I met Gregory, this rich, handsome, gentlemen, I really wanted the relationship to work. I was seeing wedding bells in just a few weeks. I know now that I was foolish."

"You think?" Huey snarled.

"But, you had to know that he didn't like kids? Right?" asked Dewey.

"I ignored it. At first it didn't seem to matter. We had fun together. The five of us had fun together. That's why I thought I could change him, you know? It was craziness. But I guess he didn't care about children in a casual relationship. And that's all we were for a while. The thing was that he didn't want to be a father. It is no excuse, but I fell in love with this inappropriate man. And for a time, he at least fell in love with the idea of me. "

"Ah, so you just took off on your children, nice," stated Huey.

"He ultimately asked you to marry you, right?" Louie assumed.

"Well, he ask me out for the weekend at this one resort. So, I had your uncle watch you that weekend. I never thought that would be the last time I saw you. We got married that very weekend."

"Why didn't you stop him!!!" Huey screamed. "Why didn't you stop yourself! You didn't have to marry him!"

Bella lowered her head in shame. "But I wanted to. I told myself it would only be during the Newly wed months. But then months became years. By then I thought you three would be happier where you were."

"We are," Huey said dryly. "You should have stayed gone! Like I said before, I'm going."

"Wait!" Bella shouted. "That is not all I have to say!"

"I don’t care. We don't care. Don't we?"

"I want to hear all the truth Huey," Louie informed.

Huey shook his head. "Let me sum it up for you. She woke up one day. Gregory left her for a new pretty thing. She cried her little eyes out about some ten years late regret. And then came a-fishing for our forgiveness. To little too late."

"No, that is not what happened," Bella insisted.

"Then tell us mom," exclaimed Dewey.

"I tried to call you seven years ago. Where were you?" Bella asked.

"Why would you care where we were?" asked Huey.

"Wait…you called us?" Dewey asked. "Why didn't we…"

"We were with Uncle Scrooge for four years, when Uncle Donald went to the Navy. No one told you?" Louie gathered.

"Uncle Donald probably didn't trust you to be with a dog then, we were better off where we were!" Huey stated.

"You had contact with Uncle Donald!? Man…why didn't we ever know about this?" asked Dewey.

"He never told us!" Louie continued.

"He was doing us a favor," Huey shouted, but he also could not help to feel resentment that Donald made a choice for them. But between the two, he will forever favor his uncle.

"So you couldn't find us. Did you even look hard enough to generate any hits? What were you doing?"

"I was raising Melanie," Bella said.

"And not us?!?!" Huey shouted.

"She was alone. She had not one but me"

"So, because you had a brother that could raise us, you didn't worry about us, eh? What about your husband!? Did he leave you and his own child?"

"I already told you I had no excuse about leaving you. But, yes, I lied to uncle; Gregory did not leave me. I left him. I had miscarriage a few months before. The marriage was not working out, all I could think of was my children: you three, and your baby brother that never came to be. I was pregnant with Melanie, but I didn't know yet. I didn't know until I got in my second motorcycle/car accident. My last one caused the said miscarriage. This time I was lucky, both Melanie and I were fine. Luck was with me that night. The surgical nurse that worked on me was unbelievably an old high school friend of mine, Cindy Ganderquack. She took care of me through my rehab, my pregnancy, and the aftermath. I was scared to confront you all after all these years, but Cindy told me that I had to. So, here I am, hoping we can know each other again. Begging that you will some day forgive me."

Louie and Dewey looked at each other. They were not sure how to react to all this. It was a lot to sink in.

"Why did you lie to Uncle Donald about who broke up you and Gregory's marriage?" asked Dewey.

"I wanted sympathy. But I know I don't deserve it."

Huey laughed. "We won't just forgive and act like nothing happened.

Dewey added. "This doesn’t excuse you leaving in the first place. Yet, I it is nice that we now know the truth."

"I know it does not," Bella admitted. "I made a mistake. And I grave one to boot. But, I still pray that you can forgive me. Louie?"

Louie sighed. "This just gets weirder and weirder. But yes, I still want a mother." He gives her a hug. "I will forgive but will not forget. Don't toy with our emotions again."

"Never again," Bella promised.

"Good," Louie stated. He looked at his watch. "I have to go. Have to pick up Webby. "I'll be back later. Hopefully next Wednesday we can see you at the game?"

Louie waved and went out the front door.

" I think I'm going hop a bus to St. Canard since Louie took our car. Later!" Huey informed.

Then Huey left too.

Bella sat on the couch and covered her face with hands.

Dewey sat next to her and placed his arm around her.

"Do you forgive me?" Bella asked.

"I'll tell you what. I'll let you rebuild my trust." Dewey offered. "And don't worry. Huey is just hurt. He'll come around eventually."

Chapter 10

"Wow!" Donald shouted. He scoped the front room in utter amazement. "The boys really cleaned up!"

"Donald, is that you?" Bella called out from the kitchen.

Donald walked farther into the house. "Dumbella? What are you burning?" he called out.

Bella rolled her eyes. "I'm not burning anything, you brat! It smells good and you know it."

"What is it?" Donald asked.

"Broccoli Alfredo, buttered sweet corn, and garlic bread," Bella answered. "And Please stop calling me Dumbella. I hate that name."

"When did you learn to cook? And how did you get the kids to clean the house?!

Bella laughed. "Long time ago. And you're welcome."

Donald shook his head. "No, you are welcome. I'm the one that gave you an compliment."

Bella laughed again. "What is burning is your idea of a compliment?"

Donald mumbled something under his breath. And left the room.

Bella sighed. Donald was always a brat, but at the moment she couldn't complain much. She has barley talked to him in the last ten years. She abandoned her children for him to raise, and her she is living under his roof. Yet, their bickering a few seconds ago was lighter than it has been the last few days. It reminded her more of how it was when they were children.

They always had their arguments, like many families do. But, they were also once very close. Bella knew she ruin this. Her only hope was that bridge could be repaired.

"Where are the boys?" Donald later asked.

Bella paused for a second as she drained the noodles, preparing them for the Alfredo sauce she was also preparing.

"They are all out. Dewey said something about going to a movie with a friend. He left an hour ago. I asked him if could wait for dinner, but he told me he would pick something at the Hamburger Hippo. Louie left to pick up Webby, but that was a few hours ago." Dumbella answered.

Donald sighed. "He knows it is a school night. He just better be back by 10:30 or so. You said Louie is with Webby? Maybe that means he's hanging at Uncle Scrooge's."

"She lives there?" Bella asked.

Donald nodded. "His housekeepers' granddaughter. Used to be the boys nanny…when…"

Bella stared at him intensely when Donald cut off that statement.

"Hmm? Please continue," she requested. "The boys told me.."

Donald shook his head. "Don't judge me Dumbella, you have no reason to talk."

Bella focused her eyes. "There's no draft Donald, you chose to leave them just like I did."

"Not now, where's Huey?" Donald asked. "I noticed you didn't mention him."

"He ran out. To see a friend. Donald I told them the truth about what happened. The whole thing," Bella continued.

"The whole thing?" Donald repeated.

"Yes, things I didn't even tell you. How dare you leave for the Navy and not tell me! I know I left but you always kept me informed anyway. You left for the Navy to keep me from them, didn't you?!?"

"Mommy," Melanie called out from the other room. "Why are you yelling? Is Dinner ready? I'm hungry."

Bella turned away from Donald, and kneeled down to be eye level with her daughter.

"Just about sweetie," Bella answered. "Do you want to help Mommy sent the table? We are going to wait to see if your brothers come home. Let's the get the table ready and then you can help me make a salad."

"Great mommy!" the child exclaimed. "Salad with purple cabbage and carrots?"

"If you like! Let's go!"

Bella took Melanie's hand and lead her to the kitchen. She turned around and glared at Donald.


Donald rolled his eyes, took his shoes off, grabbed the remote, and turned the television on.

Chapter 11

Daisy came in with some take out.

Donald shook his head.

"Dumbella is going to be upset about that. She made dinner," Donald informed.

Daisy looked around, scanning the clean house.

Damn. This house hasn't been this clean since…well, since forever. Dusted?!

"Really? Did you tell her to? She's trying to make up for leaving…I trust the rest of the house is her doing too."

"Probably," Donald said in mumbled voice.

"What about her sleeping arrangements, we can not have her in the front room forever. What is your input on this?" Bella demanded.

Donald sighed. "Shh…my niece will hear you. That poor child."

"What did she make?" Daisy added trying to change the subject.

"Alfredo, and it smells good, put the hamburgers in the fridge."

Daisy stared at Donald.

Donald stared at her back, an almost defeated look on his face, he mumbled loudly, trying to press such feelings away.

"Are you okay Donald?" Daisy whispered. "I'm sorry…I just…"

Donald shook his head. "I'm fine."

Some of the things Bella said did make sense. He left the boys to join the navy. But still how dare she treat his case the same. He didn't leave them to go off with a lover. He did it to serve his country, and to learn what the world had to offer. It was only for four years, and the boys had so much fun at Scrooge's mansion. She told them the truth, the whole truth. What did she not tell him? And why?

"You don't seem fine," Daisy stated. "You and Dumbella were having an argument, weren't you?"

Donald sighed again. "Yeah, she found out about the Navy. She seems to think that I purposely went to keep the boys from her."

"That's not why you went," Bella protested.

"No, but I can see how she could see it that way. I didn't give her the heads up that Uncle Scrooge had her," Donald explained. "I didn't even consider contacting her."

"Did you even know where she was?" Daisy defended.

"No, but she gave me a cell phone number," he admitted, turning his back on Daisy.

Daisy blinked. Donald was so upset about this. Bella was the boys' own mother and she left them. Donald gave them a place to stay and raised them. Daisy wrapped her arms around Donald's chest, hugging him warmly.

You are their legal guardian.

You have legal custody.

You had no legal obligation to tell her where you or the children were.

That is what she wanted to say, but she did not dare.

"It'll be alright," Bella promised.

"You can't promise that," Donald replied.

Daisy sighed. "Just don't be mad at yourself, okay? I'm going to put this food away okay? I'll try to be nice and try some of your sister's meal."

Daisy kissed Donald on the cheek. She then went into the kitchen.

She opened the kitchen door.

"Wow, salad and garlic bread too?" she inquired out loud.

"Yeah," Bella said from behind her.

Bella laughs nervously. "Sometimes cooking settles my nerves. And I am proud to say I have come to be a little a good at it."

"Well, it smells good," Daisy said in a warmer tone, attempting to be a little more civil.

Bella smiled. "Thanks."

She turns around and grabs a few plates from the cupboard and some silverware. She then sends them on the table.

"We should talk," she stated, in tone that was more like a pleading request then anything else. "Donald you too," she continued. "Need to tell you what happened that six years ago."

"Thanks for picking me up Louie," Huey said.

Louie waved his hand dismally. "Hey no problem dude. You don't need to be hopping a bus this time at night."

Huey shrugged his shoulders. "Not like I haven't before."

Louie nodded. "But still. Especially with what we found out tonight."

Huey stared at Louie with narrow eyes.

"Let's not bring this up," he warned.

"A long of stuff has happened to her the last seven years," Louie starts.

Huey clenched his fists, holding back anger.

"Louie, I mean it," he said again.

"But Huey, she miscarried. We can not even imagine how heartbreaking that can be…"

"Not having us didn't mean much to her," Huey said in a cold voice. "End this. Have your debate with Dewey when we get home."

"But she admitted that she was wrong," Louie protested. "She wants to make it up to us."

"It's too late."

"No it isn't. Do you really want to wait until it is?"

Daisy placed her hand over her month.

"You had a miscarriage?" she said. "Oh Gosh…I'm so sorry."

Donald just stared wide-eyed for a moment.

"Bella, why? Why didn't you tell me?" Donald asked.

Bella stared at back at him for second.

Damn…It was the phone call. She wanted to tell him that night. If only he gave her a number to call. But still, why the story about Gregory leaving her? Whoa…was that why he left her? Did she leave him because she miscarried? What an ass?! Wait, didn't he never want kids in the first place? Did he leave her when she was pregnant? Was she all alone the day she lost the baby? Wait, but what about Melanie? Did he leave her when she got pregnant the second time? Oh man…

As if she was telepathic, she began to answer some of his unasked questions.

"You know Gregory didn't want kids even before I realized that. He did not know about either pregnancy. I lost my fourth son, fairly early in my pregnancy. He never noticed. I mourned his death more than I ever imagined I would. The marriage got unbearable. I wanted to have more children. And I had good reason to believe it would not happen. So I left. I left my 'perfect' world behind. I got myself in another accident. Pretty bad. I was in coma for awhile. Rehab for months. I was pregnant at the time. My Melanie was a miracle. Truly was. It was rough. I didn't recover for months, heck years."

Donald closed his eyes.

The pain Bella must have felt. And now he treated her so. Gosh, he wished she allowed him to share some of this burden. She shouldn’t have done this alone.

"I wasn't alone," she revealed. "You remember Cindy Ganderquack? She was even here the other day. She was with me. She saved me."

"I'm so sorry Bella," Donald informed.

He stood up and hugged her.

To Be Continued

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