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Double Triangle Trouble

A Disney Duck Fanfic:

Instead of being purely based on one entity, this story takes background from Classic Donald Duck cartoons, Ducktales, and Darkwing Duck.

Written By

Stef With a F


Nightw2 (aka comickook)

Disclaimers: Disney owns most of these characters. Dumbella Duck's past as Bella Widgeon is mine, as are the characters of Melanie Widgeon, Ronnie and Lisa Mallard, and whomever else I mention in the future.

Author Notes: This story is a sequel to the stories "Back to the Nest" and "Extended Wings". Reading those stories prior this one would help; though you most likely could understand this story regardless.

Chapter 15: Nightmares

Written By:


"Goodnight sweeties," Morgana whispered as she tucked her son and daughter in for the night in one of the double beds in the room they shared with Gosalyn.

"Not tired Mommy," Lisa announced as she tried to squeeze herself out of the tucked sheets.

"No Lisa, you know it's way past your bed time. I let you and Ronnie watch "Duck Before Time", did I not?"

Ronnie yawned. "I'm not tired either."

Morgana eyed her son as he yawned once again, holding in a laugh, she added, "No fibbing."

"Where's Gosalyn?" Ronnie asked, looking up to the clock on the nightstand. "Isn't it her Bedtime yet?"

"Ronnie," Morgana sternly said. "You know she's much older than you."

Ronnie looked up into his mother's eyes.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Morgana plastered on a smile.

"Nothing honey. Mommy's just tired too. And she can't sleep until you two go to bed. So, go to sleep," Morgana said as she re-tucked in Lisa.

She kissed both children on the forehead, and turned off the light before returning to the suite's master bedroom. Where she felt the same uneasy she felt earlier in the evening. She froze for a moment gravely concerned that Bulba himself was no longer frozen.

From a fair distance Bulba studied the master bedroom near the balcony window. Yet again Morgana was in his sights, though the children were not. He glanced over to what appeared to be a door nearby. He knew Ronnie and Lisa must be in the connecting room. If only they would enter the master room, he would be able to get them all at once.

Bulba chuckled. Morgana was searching the room and failed to prove his presence. He waited a few more minutes. Still, the children remained in their room. Possibly for the whole night... Did he miss his chance?

He knew that though Morgana could not sense him now, it was only a matter of time. "Come on..." he silently pleaded, attempting to will the children to come into the same room.

Morgan shook her head. "I must be just freaking out. Bulba is gone. He's not coming back," she told herself.

She made her way to the balcony. Admiring the beautiful Brazilian moonlit sky, she wondered out loud, "I hope when you get back, My darling, we can enough the night together?"

"No, not this time Mrs. Mallard!" Bulba whispered to himself. Bulba evilly laughed as he extended his arm.

"I might not have the children but they will be no trouble after I have you," he hissed, as he zapped Morgana into a locked facility in his temporary lair. The shock from his teleportic device momentarily knocked her out.

"I'm off to reunite you with your children," he seethed, "Their deaths will be among the last things you see."

Bulba cackled and blew Morgana a slight kiss before he made his way to the hotel.

Meanwhile, the triplets were showcasing their new identities to Quiverwing.

"How you like the gear, Quiverwing? Does it have that Je ne sais que?" Huey asked.

"Oh yes, just that," Quiverwing said with a smile, "We better get going though. Come on Fury...We got a job to do."

Not too far away, the Fearsome Five commenced their attempt; the Four stood by as Negaduck picked the lock.

"Too simple," he laughed.

"Too smooth for who Neggy? Mmm...?" Quiverwing inquired behind one of the nearby trees, where she had her bow ready, and already extended an arrow.

She realized the arrow just missed Negaduck's head.

Negaduck laughed. "You missed?" he growled. "Boys..."

"I did?" Quiverwing asked, while three of the five suddenly crumbled to the effects of one her combination tear, sneezing, itching powder arrows. An electronic arrow was then shot toward the Liquidator, who was momentarily knocked out.

"Get her!" Negaduck shouted.

Quackerjack nodded between a pair of sneezes, and activated the destructive toy bears.

"You have to get through us first!" The Speed Prince shouted as he rushed to grab Quackerjack, though not in time to stop the activation of the furry terrors.

Bushroot turned to the blur that was now The Speed Prince. "Wow!"

"You have seen nothing yet," Kid Quackles added, as he lift one of the mechanical menaces in front their eyes.

"Mmm... They are too heavy for me...but I can do this," Major Mind said, as he lifted Negaduck from the ground.

"Hey put me down!" Negaduck shouted.

"Ummm...Some help here?" Quiverwing cried, as five teddy bears charged at her. Her acid arrows proved to do significant damaged to two of the bears, but five was pushing it.

"Oh yeah," Kid Quackles said after throwing the bear he was holding to the ground, crushing it. He ran over to Quiverwing, and dealt with the other three bears.

"My babies!" Quackerjack screamed.

Back at the hotel, young Ronnie and Lisa were sleeping in their bed, not yet aware that their mother was no longer in the suite with them.

"Mommy?" Lisa said in her asleep. "Mommy!" she shouted louder before waking up.

Once awake she shoved her brother.

"Stop!" he shouted in his slumber, he rolled over.

Lisa pushed harder, but when a creak came to her door she closed her eyes tightly.

Bulba studied the two sleeping children.

"This will be so easy," shouted. "Too easy."

At the sound of unfamiliar male voice, Lisa opened her eyes and stared into the eyes of the invader.

"Who are you!" the child demanded.

Bulba laughed.

"So spirited, yet so young."

The child moved back toward the headboard.

"I just turned four," she announced.

Bulba grinned at the child. Kids were so trusting at the age, so innocent.

"I'm a friend of your mother and father's," Bulba lied. "They had to go somewhere, and they asked me to baby-sit."

Lisa glared at Bubla, her arms crossed.

"But I never met you before in my whole life," she informed.

Bulba pretended to pout. "You don't believe me?"

Lisa shook her head; "Mommy would have kissed us goodbye first."

Bulba laughed. "Well Mommy is a little tied up right now."

Lisa faced paled. She knew now this man was a very bad man.

"Ronnie," she cried, and she tried to wake up her brother.

Ronnie woke up and instinctually wrapped his arm around his sister.

"Aww, how sweet. Don't worry. You will be with your mother soon," Bulba promised, before the three of them teleported back to his lair.

Once there, he relocated the two children in a caged room adjacent to the one that now held Morgana. Like Morgana before them, the two children were in a temporary state of shock and lay unconscious just as their mother was waking up.

"Oh welcome back Morgana," Bulba said in greeting.

"Bulba..." she started before the sight of her children caused her blood to run cold.

"Ronnie! Lisa!" she cried before falling to her knees. She tried to reach out to her children but found that they were just out of her reach.

Morgana tried to use her magic, but when she did, she was repelled and found herself on the ground grasping for air.

Bulba shook his finger.

"Uh uh. Oh no you don't," he warned. "You see, this cage was insulated with a special isotope that propels any magic you might use to make your escape. I wouldn't try again. Because each attempt will drain more of your power, until you are so weak... That well, you know. And well, I am not done torturing you yet. And besides with you gone, who will prevent me from taking my final revenge on your two innocent babes? Mmm"

"You monster!" Morgana cried. "Your beef is with me and Darkwing! Leave the children alone.

Bulba smiled. "But, that's just it Morgana. I intend to make you all suffer. Darkwing, Gosalyn... Launchpad... and young Lisa and Ronnie. My revenge will not be complete until all of you are out my way. Until all of you are dead and gone!"

To Be Continued

Chapter 16: Trappings

Written By:

Brad Eugene Palmer (Nightw2/comickook)

It took every ounce of self-control Morgana had developed over the time she had known Darkwing/Drake for the sorceress to keep herself calm enough to think. The cage she was in was designed to keep her from using her MAGIC to escape, but the cybernetic steer probably wouldn't expect her to try to use NON-magical skills to try to escape and free her children. Fortunately, the sorceress HAD learned how to pick locks without using magic (in fact, thanks partially to her husband's insistent teachings, she had gotten VERY good at it). Employing a lock-pick she managed to conceal in her right sleeve, Morgana went to work immediately on the lock holding her in the cage while Bulba, confident in the precautions he had taken against Morgana's magic, momentarily ignored the sorceress and watched as Ronnie and Lisa came to. Just as Morgana finished picking the lock and getting out of the cage, Bulba turned around and screamed "What? How could you have gotten out of the cage?" demanded, as he started to fire horn lasers at Morgana.

Making herself temporarily non-solid (now that she was free of the cage, she could safely use her magic again), Morgana watched the cyborg's horn lasers pass harmlessly through her and fired a double blast of mystic lightning at Bulba followed immediately by a powerful but compact mini-hurricane. "You were focusing so much on keeping me from using my MAGIC to escape that you neglected to think that I might have OTHER skills." the sorceress answered.

"I wish the big bad bull would just go away and leave us alone." Lisa Mallard said as she held her older brother. Just then, Lisa's eyes started glowing as the four-year-old half-witch started unknowingly activating Bulba's heel jets while he was still trapped in Morgana's hurricane. The thrust from the jets caused the bionic bull to blast into the sky uncontrollably.

"Plus, you neglected to factor in that my children may have had powers of their own." Morgana said with a tired smile.

"Did I do that?" Lisa asked in amazement.

"Wait until your father finds out you are starting to develop telekinesis." Morgana said with a weary chuckle. Somehow, Ronnie and Lisa could both sense that their mother was tired even as she freed them. Thus, Ronnie focused on trying to return himself, his sister and their mother to their hotel suite with his own powers. In the just over one month period since Ronnie discovered he could summon others magically, he had been practicing whenever he got the chance and discovered and, in addition to being able to summon others, he could also, with great concentration, teleport HIMSELF as long as he knew exactly where he wanted to go to begin with. In this case, he DID know and combined teleporting himself with teleporting his sister and mother.

"What is telekinesis, mommy?" Lisa asked as they reappeared in their hotel suite.

"It's another word for mind over matter, Lisa dear. Mind over matter means being able to move objects or turn on certain devices merely by thought. In this case, you activated the big bad bull's heel jets just by thinking about it without meaning to." Morgana explained.

Meanwhile, back at Steelbeak's lair, six of the Cyber-Eggmen returned for the currently unconscious head agent they were assigned to. The blasts from the wrist lasers provided perfect cover fire to allow the Cyber-Eggmen to collect Steelbeak and escape. In fact, it was all Launchpad could do to get out of the makeshift substitute Thunderquack before the Cyber-Eggmen destroyed it.

As the Cyber-Eggmen at Steelbeak's lair flew off just out of sight, the other six Cyber-Eggmen back at the university of Rio started flying off after they were done blasting up all of the military tanks and choppers in the area and had delivered their message.

Back at Steelbeak's lair, Darkwing came out with all of the freed hostages in tow a couple of minutes after the Cyber-Eggmen left, managing to get all of said hostages out of harm's way just before the big kablooie. "LP, where's Steelbeak? For that matter, where's our transportation?" the masked hero asked his sidekick in a tone that was equal parts curious and upset.

"The answer to both questions is six of the Cyber-Eggmen, DW. They came back soon after Steelbeak fell unconscious. They grabbed ol' metal-bill and blasted our vehicle in the effort." Launchpad answered, which was followed by Darkwing kicking the ground somewhat.

"Aww, crud. I can't believe Steelbeak got away AGAIN. Not only is that twice in one night, but I also legitimately thought that I was thinking two tricks ahead of that slippery super-spy scum this time." Darkwing said, sighing in frustration.

"Whoa. Whoa. Calm down there, DW. I mean, sure Steelbeak got away and has a dozen soldiers each packing as much power as an entire battalion backing him up. Still, you DID save the hostages. That's something at any rate." Launchpad said trying to calm Darkwing.

"Awww, I know I have to try to keep things in perspective, LP, but it's hard knowing that one of my most dangerous enemies is still out there AND we don't have the transportation to follow him any further tonight. I'd better at least call Morg and Gos on the cell phone and tell them we're going to be a bit later than I anticipated." Darkwing said with a dejected sigh.

Back near the museum, Speed Prince, after super-speed searching Quackerjack and tying up the aforementioned toy maker, was busy using his speed to dodge five more of Quackerjack's giant fire breathing teddy bears and maneuvering them into taking each other out.

Major Mind, while telekinetically depriving Negaduck of all of his concealed weapons, tossed two self-created power-nullifier headbands with mentally calculated accuracy at both Megavolt and Bushroot, rendering them both incapable of using their super-powers and rendering Bushroot's two dozen attack trees harmless.

Speed Prince, following the completion of dodging those five teddy bears until they took each other out, securely tied up both Megavolt and Bushroot before they could try to remove their headbands.

Quiverwing used a few extra-slick wax arrows to slip up four of Quackrjack's giant teddy bears JUST as they tried to unleash their Electro claws, which worked well enough for them to take each other out. Two well-aimed super-super-glue arrows plugged up the mouths of two more of the killer teddy bears just as they were about to unleash their flame breath, which caused the flames to backfire and blow up the teddys themselves.

While Kid Quackules pounded the stuffing out of the last seven of the killer teddy bears, the Liquidator started to come around following the Electro-shock arrow. Fortunately, Major Mind saw it just after he had gotten the last of Negsie's concealed weapons away from him and started focusing his telekinetic powers (except for just enough to keep Negaduck secured) on trapping Liquidator in a waterproof jar. After Quiverwing used a bola arrow to ensnare Negaduck, she finally said "Well, looks like we managed to stop the Fearsome Five from stealing the Divine Eye Diamond yet again. This time, however, we managed to capture the ENTIRE Fearsome Five."

Unfortunately, Bulba finally managed to get his heel jets back under control at this point and his cybernetically enhanced hearing picked up Quiverwing's statement.

"The Divine Eye Diamond, is it? I thought the stories of its powers were merely that-- legends. However, there is one way to find out." the cybernetic steer thought to himself as he activated his cloaking device and approached the diamond. His scanners picked up the massive mystic energy readings from the diamond and now knew the legends were true.

"All I have to do is have the diamond on the pedestal of the temple it came from by the dawning of the sun on the day after tomorrow and stand in the path of the light beam reflected by the diamond and I will be invincible. Once I have obtained invincibility, Darkwing and his family will be doomed for certain." the cybernetic steer said as he grabbed the diamond and flew off before the four young heroes could get to the diamond case in time to do anything but watch as the invisible perpetrator flew off with what they tried to protect.

Meanwhile, back at the Mallard's suite, Morgana, Ronnie and Lisa saw Bella taking a stroll across Rio with Jose. "Boy, would Uncle Launchpad have a fit if he saw the way the guy was looking at Bella." Ronnie said before adding "I wish he, dad and Gosalyn were all here now." Suddenly, in a pair of flashes, Darkwing, Launchpad and Quiverwing all appeared in the middle of the room.

"What do you think you're doing in that costume, young lady?" Darkwing asked Gosalyn in a half-worried tone.

The look her father gave her caused Quiverwing to sigh and answered "Well, dad, while I was out on a tour of Rio, I found out that the Fearsome Five..."

"Fearsome FIVE? I half-figured Megavolt survived that explosion, but still..." Darkwing butted in.

"Yes, dad. It WAS the entire Fearsome Five. Anyway, before I interrupted, while I was on a tour of Rio, I found out that the Fearsome Five was plotting to steal the Divine Eye Diamond. I came back to tell you, but I found the note explaining you were already busy with a SHUSH mission. I had my costume and equipment just in case, though and figured I'd try to stop them myself."

"What? You tried to take on the Fearsome Five single-handedly? Gosalyn, what WERE you thinking?" Darkwing asked his adopted daughter.

"Well, yes. Actually, I did try to face the Fearsome Five on my own, dad. Anyway, I managed to defeat all of them except Negaduck, but Negaduck DID give me just enough trouble that I was grateful for the assist Huey, Dewey and Louie provided when they showed up, also trying to stop the Fearsome Five themselves, only to find I had beaten them to four of the five. Negs, however, correctly saw a chance to escape by putting the boys in a life-threatening situation. I saved the triplets, but got trapped under two tons of debris in the bargain. The padding in my costume saved me from serious injury, but if not for the boys being there, I might not have gotten out of there before the police got in." Quiverwing continued before pausing to catch her breath.

"Well, you're LUCKY you weren't seriously hurt, little missy. The Fearsome Five are dangerous opponents" Darkwing shot back in concern during the pause.

"Don't you think I know that, dad? Well, anyway, Huey, Dewey and Louie offered to help me against the Fearsome Five. At first I refused because, as you said, the Fearsome Five is too dangerous for civilians to be tackling. They argued that five-on-FOUR odds sounded better than five-on-ONE and that they would go to an old friend of theirs in Rio for an inventors' convention. Anyway, as luck would have it Gyro had exactly the gear the boys needed to help me fight the Fearsome Five with confidence. In the rematch, it was the Fearsome Five versus Quiverwing Quack, Speed Prince, Major Mind and Kid Quackules. Despite being outnumbered by not just the Fearsome Five, but also two dozen 50-foot fire-breathing teddy bears with retractable Electro claws and two dozen trees under Bushroot's control, we managed to prevail and capture the entire Fearsome Five this time. Unfortunately, an invisible flying thief made off with the Divine Eye Diamond JUST after we finished with the Fearsome Five." Quiverwing finished

"Invisible flying thief? Are you absolutely sure about that?"

"Cross my heart, dad. I swear every word of that is true. Heck, you can ask the Rio police concerning the Fearsome Five part."

Darkwing saw the worried look on his wife's face when the invisible flying thief was mentioned and asked "What's wrong, honeywumpus?" with sincere concern.

"It's just that, while you and Gosalyn were gone, Taurus Bulba made TWO attempts at me, Ronnie and Lisa. Both attempts failed, but the second failed attempt caused Taurus Bulba to rocket off uncontrollably, thanks in part to Lisa's newly developing telekinesis. I'm guessing that he was directly over the museum and heard Gosalyn and the Duck triplets talking about the Divine Eye Diamond and stole it himself in an effort to gain the power to guarantee our annihilation." Morgana answered in a concerned tone.

"I'll stop Bulba, Morg. Don't worry about that." Darkwing said.

"What about your SHUSH mission. Who are you going to get to fill in for you on that front?" Quiverwing asked.

"Well, considering how badly you want to help, and considering that Steelbeak, though dangerous, is still SLIGHTLY less so than Taurus Bulba AND you DO have three back-ups, I will, against my better judgement, entrust you, "'Speed Prince'", "'Major Mind'" and "'Kid Quackules'" to handle Steelbeak and his Cyber-Eggmen while I chase Bulba. He made the HUGE mistake of threatening Morg and your siblings, which means he takes top priority over the SHUSH mission in my book. I'll apologize to J. Gander later." Darkwing answered factually.

"I'd like to make one amendment, Dark; it won't be while YOU chase Bulba; it'll be while WE chase Bulba. He threatened our children and you will probably, no intended offense, need help." Morgana said in a tone that told Darkwing there was absolutely NO room for argument.

"Well, what about Ronnie and Lisa? You can't expect them to accompany you on a pursuit this dangerous and I'M certainly not going to chance getting them hurt against Steelbeak." Quiverwing asked and pointed out.

"I could watch them, I guess. Somehow, I'm not in the mood for doing much in the way of heroic pursuits and keeping an eye on the tykes will still allow me to feel of some use." Launchpad said with a saddened sigh as he saw Bella with Jose.

To be continued

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