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Double Triangle Trouble

A Disney Duck Fanfic:

Instead of being purely based on one entity, this story takes background from Classic Donald Duck cartoons, Ducktales, and Darkwing Duck.

Written By

Stef With a F


Nightw2 (aka comickook)

Disclaimers: Disney owns most of these characters. Dumbella Duck's past as Bella Widgeon is mine, as are the characters of Melanie Widgeon, Ronnie and Lisa Mallard, and whomever else I mention in the future.

Author Notes: This story is a sequel to the stories "Back to the Nest" and "Extended Wings". Reading those stories prior this one would help; though you most likely could understand this story regardless.

Chapter 17:

 Love Connections

Written By:


Morgana tugged in her children once again. She kissed both their foreheads.

"Goodnight, I know you two will sleep well after all tonight's events," she told her children, praying that it was true. Quite possibly it could be the opposite. The children could be so rattled with fear that they would be up all night.

As if he was psychic, her husband, who was now back into his civilian dress, added, "Don't worry about that big bad bionic bull. He won't be going after you two anymore."

"You promise?" Lisa said, her eye's wide, as if she was pleading. "Really Daddy?"

Drake nodded. "Yes," he answered.

And he prayed that he wasn't lying. Bulba is particularly more eager this time with his plan for their destruction. He did not expect the steer to just quit. Though, he was surrendering faith that Bulba was done for the night, or at least, for the time being, focusing his interest on the Divine Eye Diamond that he just acquired.

He kissed his youngest daughter on the cheek. "Goodnight," he whispered, and then glanced over to his son, who was staring at the ceiling for a bit.

"You okay Ronnie?" Drake asked. "You did a great job taking care of your mother and sister tonight."

Ronnie nodded.

"I want to help you and Uncle Launchpad one day, just like Gosalyn," he informed.

Drake smiled. "Not anytime soon. And I don't want to see you try either, you hear me young man?"

Ronnie nodded.

"Good. Goodnight" Drake replied, as he exited the room with his wife. "Are you going to bed?" he then asked Gosalyn who was sitting in the sitting room with Launchpad.

Gosalyn looked up to her father, and nodded, "Yeah, in a few minutes."

"Okay, I think your siblings will just feel better if you are in there with them. And besides if you intend to follow up on Steelbeak tomorrow, you will need your rest."

"I know Dad. I will be fine. Goodnight," she said.

"Goodnight Gos and Launchpad," Drake added, before going into the master bedroom with Morgana.

Once Drake left, Gosalyn turned to Launchpad, who was obviously upset.

"What is wrong?"

"Oh nothing. Just a long day," Launchpad answered.

Gosalyn bit her lip, "You sure?" she asked, she was not very sure that she believed him.

"Yeah, Gos, but thanks," Launchpad said with a forced slight smile.

"Okay," Gosalyn said. "Well, see you in the morning?"

Launchpad nodded. "Goodnight Gos."

"Goodnight Launchpad," she answered before entering her bedroom.

Again Launchpad made his way to the window. Though this time Bella and her companion were gone.

"Was this why I couldn't reach her on the phone?" he wondered. "Did she decide to leave me for another guy?"

Launchpad paced back and forth, trying to convince himself, that he was jumping to conclusions. Perhaps this guy was a friend. An obviously quite close friend that she seem to have a lot of fun with. A friend, whom Launchpad knew, was really attracted to Bella. A friend which Bella seemed to be having a very fun time with...

Launchpad shook his head. Bella was his girlfriend. She loved him. She even told him so. She wasn't lying either. He had to keep telling himself. She loved... She loves him! Yeah, the mystery guy was just a friend. No matter how close and happy they looked. There had to be a completely understandable reason. He would just have to confront Bella later.

He knew about her past. He knew how Bella left her boys years ago for the likes of a man. Was he just a fool? Was this the beginning of mindless loops, where Bella was doomed to repeat the same ill attempts of new love. Was he Bella's latest victim?

Launchpad clenched his fist. He ordered his underlying angry to flee. This was the woman he loved. The woman he cherished. The woman he imagined spending the rest of his life with. The idea of her leaving him seemed impossible, devastating... It was unthinkable, yet, quite within the reaches of reason.

"Quiverwing?" the Speed Prince called, looking around.

The four heroes were on their way back to their respectful hotels when Quiverwing suddenly vanished.

"She's not here," Kid Quackles informed after he did a quick look around the area.

"I don't like this," Speed Prince informed. "Gos wouldn't just take off. This isn't funny. Not with whoever took off with the Divine Eye Diamond possibly about."

Major Mind placed his arm around his brother, "Huey," he said. "Don't freak. She's probably just ahead of us."

Huey stared at his brother. If this were true, she would have heard them calling out to her and would have responded by now. It was unlikely she was THAT much in ahead of them.

"Let me try to see if I can reach her telepathically. It is one of my abilities you know," Major Mind suggested.

Huey nodded, though he would not admit that he had this queasy feeling that Gosalyn was not within Major Mind's telepathic range.

Major Mind closed his eyes, concentrating on making contact with Quiverwing.

"Quiverwing!" Major Mind called telepathically. "Gosalyn, can you hear me?"

"Any answer yet?" The Speed Prince asked.

Major Mind shook his head. "I think she's out of range."

Speed Prince paled. He envisioned Quiverwing trapped some where.

Major Mind shook his head. "I'm sure she's fine. Give me your hand...Perhaps if you help me. I'm sensing a little of a natural psychic connection with you two."

Huey pondered that point for a second before taking a hold of his brother Dewey's hand.

"Okay," Dewey stated. "Let me try again. Gosalyn, it's Major Mind, can you read me?"

Back at the hotel, Gosalyn who was now in the Mighty Duck T-shirt that she usually slept in, was just about to go to bed when she sensed a voice calling her.

"Dewey?" Gosalyn answered back.

"Yes!" Dewey shouted. "I have made contact! Are you all right? You seriously freaked Huey when you just disappeared."

Gosalyn laughed. "I'm fine. Honest. That was my brother Ronnie's doing. He can teleport now. Tell Huey that he already knew that."

Dewey relayed that message to Huey.

Huey rolled his eyes. "Tell her that there was a mysterious invisible villain, okay?" After a pause, he added, "Glad she's okay."

Dewey relayed the message back to Gosalyn.

"We have a new mission now, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow. I got your number at your hotel, so see you all in the morning. I love you too Huey," Gosalyn answered, and with that her telepathic connection with Dewey was severed.

"Well," Major Mind said to his brothers, "That's that."

"That was neat," Huey said.

"Maybe you can try that with me and Webby sometime?" Louie added.

Major Mind shrugged his shoulders. "Worth a try, but I think it worked with Huey and Gosalyn right now because of the extreme case of urgency."

"Oh well," Louie said. "We have a way to walk. Thank Goodness that Uncle Donald doesn't expect us until the morning."

Dewey nodded.

"Too bad you didn't get Gos to get Ronnie to teleport us," Huey added with a laugh.

"He was probably sleeping. Let's just focus on getting home. We will need some sleep, and according to Gos, we already have a new mission," Dewey informed.

*Brazil, where hearts were entertaining June, We stood beneath an amber moon

And softly murmured "someday soon." We kissed and clung together Then, tomorrow was another day

The morning found me miles away with still a million things to say;

Now, when twilight dims the sky above Recalling thrills of our love,

There's one thing I'm certain of... Return I will to old Brazil.*

When the music stopped, and the samba came to and end, Bella hugged Jose, "Thank Joe that was so much fun."

"I am glad to hear you had so much fun tonight. Maybe you and I could spend one more night together before you must go home?" Jose asked.

"Perhaps. I must be heading back to my hotel now. I can imagine Donald and Daisy being annoyed with me. They expected me hours ago," Bella informed.

"Okay," Jose said. "Well we don't want Donald mad at you. I know his temper."

Bella giggled. "Yes, and Daisy's is almost as fierce."

Jose laughed. "Ah yes. Let me walk you back to your suite."

Bella nodded, and they called back toward the suite, hand to hand.

Bella smiled inside, she imagined herself at age 15, as a young teenage Duck, who just achieved her highest dream. Jose' was her teenage obsession, her knight, who lived in a land of paradise. And here she was, holding his hand.

"Isn't life ironic?" she wondered. That she now has something she wanted almost two decades ago. She smiled, it scared her how much Jose' kind of reminded her of Gregory. A type of someone that she thought she wanted ten years ago. Which after she 'had' him she felt different. Bella pushed back those feelings. Jose' was not Gregory. Jose' liked kids. Though...he was not Launchpad either. Though Jose' made her feel like a teenaged girl, Launchpad made her feel like a woman, and a child at the same time. A feeling that made her feel more beautiful than anything in the whole entire world. Yes, she loved Jose', but as a friend.

When they reached the suite. Bella kissed Jose' goodnight. It was only a friendly kiss, but Jose' was determined that it was only a beginning between the two. That she might love this other man now, but she wasn't married. And after all these years, Jose' was ready to settle down.

"Goodnight," Bella said, "Thanks again for such a wonderful night."

"You are quite welcome my darling," he said with a handsome smile, "Until next time."

Bella nodded. "Until next time."

Jose' waited until Bella managed to find her card-key, open the door, enter, and then closed the door before leaving and heading back home. Tonight was one the most fun nights he ever had, so much so that he was sad that it reached its end

"Until next time," he whispered to himself.

Bella entered the room. Donald and Daisy watching the World News station. Melanie was sleeping between them.

"Hey," Bella called. "I'm home..."

Donald looked at Bella. "I thought you said two hours," he said glancing at his watch. "Over four hours ago."

"I'm sorry Donald; I was just having so much fun. Never had a tour of Rio at night before. I hope Melanie wasn't too much trouble."

Donald shook his head.

"Of course not, still wished you called. The boys are sleeping over at a friend's house."

Bella looked at Donald questioningly. "Someone they just met?"

Donald shook his head. "No Gyro Gearloose, from Duckburg, you know the one that sometimes works for Uncle Scrooge?"

Bella's mouth drop.

"Well I will doggoned!" she shouted. "What a small world!"

Daisy laughed. Both Donald and Bella had a fondness for that expression.

"Melanie wanted to wait for you," Daisy informed.

"Thanks," Bella whispered, as she made her way to the bed.

Donald got up so, Bella could wake her up.

"Hey Melanie, it's me, I'm home, let me take you to bed," she told her daughter.

Melanie slowly woke up.

"Mommy?" the child asked, still half asleep.

"Yeah, honey, let's go to bed," Bella said.

She let her daughter to their bed.

"Did you have fun with Uncle Donald and Aunt Daisy?" Bella asked.

Melanie nodded and then rubbed her eye. "Yup! We watched Duck Before Time!"

Bella laughed. "Again? You will probably be watching it every day when it comes out on video."

Melanie nodded, "Yup!"

Bella laughed. Why did she just encourage her?

"Is Jose' your new boyfriend?" Melanie asked.

Bella sighed. "No honey, Launchpad is still my boyfriend. Jose' and I are just friends."

"Good!" Melanie shouted. "Jose' is nice. But I love Launchpad."

"I love him too honey," Bella informed.

"You should marry him Mommy," Melanie informed.

Bella gasped.

"But you should," Melanie added.

"Are you getting a little head of yourself young lady?" Bella asked her daughter.

"But you said you loved him!" Melanie protested.

Bella laughed, and tickled her daughter.

"And I said it's time to go to bed you silly," Bella said.

Once Bella tucked in Melanie, she couldn't help but wonder. Why hasn't been able to get a hold of Launchpad all week? She assumed something was wrong with his phone. But he could have always used a pay phone to call her, and there were no messages on her answering machine.

Bella sighed.

"What's wrong Mommy?" Melanie asked.

"I miss Launchpad," Bella admitted.

"Yeah, I miss him too," Melanie said. "That's why you should marry him."

"Okay silly, we will talk about that later, Goodnight."

"Goodnight Mommy."

Bella reached over and turned off the line, just when a light turned on in her head.

"That's it Bella!" Bella told herself. "I'm going to send Launchpad a musical telegram."

Bella laughed under her breath.

"Goodnight Launchpad."

*Song Credit : Brazil (Aquarola Do Brasil)

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To be continued (link not up yet)

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