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Extended Wings

A Disney Duck Fanfic:

Instead of being purely based on one entity, this story takes background from Classic Donald Duck cartoons, Ducktales, and Darkwing Duck.

Written By

Stef With a F


Disclaimers: Disney owns most of these characters. Dumbella's past as Bella Widgeon is mine, as are the characters of Melanie Widgeon, Cindy Ganderquack, Jeffery Ruddy, Ashley Ruddy, Ronnie and Lisa Mallard, and whomever else I mention in the future.

Author Notes:

This story is sequel of sorts to the story Back to the Nest. You should be able to catch the bulk of the story without reading Back to the Nest, but it would give you more background on Bella Widgeon. Though, if you plan on reading Back to the Nest, this story reveals a major spoiler or two. Besides, I would love to know what you think.

Thank You:

To Jenn and Nana for their help with prescreening and editing this story.


This story is rated PG-13 for adult themes, but nothing really major.

Chapter 12

Gosalyn and Honker were walking the down Duckburg streets. It was a quarter to nine, so it was just past dusk. The street lights and store signs provided some light, though, for Honker Muddlefoot, it was an unfamiliar town.

"Are you sure you know where you are going?" Honker asked Gosalyn.

"Yeah, sure. 1313 Webfoot Walk," Gosalyn stated. "Or is it 13 Quack Street? No, he moved from there it's 1313 Webfoot Walk now."

"Do you know where this is?" Honker asked. "Here's Quick Street."

Gosalyn laughed. "No, that's where Donald Dock lives. And like I said, Quack Street is where he used to live. After Huey's uncle finally got married to his girlfriend they moved to 1313 Webfoot Walk."

"So do you know where Webfoot Walk is?" Honker asked again.

Gosalyn nodded. "It is somewhere near the river."

"Somewhere? Sounds promising…"

Gosalyn shook her head.

"We'll be fine."

Ten minutes have passed; Gosalyn and Honker are stilling walking down the street looking for Webfoot Walk when they walk near the Moon Beam.

"Hey the Lone Ducks!" Gosalyn exclaimed.

"The Lone Ducks?" Honker asked.

"Well, they are this cool band. They are not too popular yet, though that is the key word. Let's check them out."

"It's a bar, they are not going to let us in."

Gosalyn shrugged. "I do not see why not. The Lone Ducks are underage. And besides, I kind of know one of them. Let's go."

Gosalyn and Honker step up to the bar and encounter the same bouncer Huey encountered almost an hour before.

"Hello, can I help you?" he asked.

"Hello," Gosalyn answered. "I'm here to see the Lone Ducks."

The bouncer placed his hands on his waist.

"I'm sorry, the evening show is over. You may come back tomorrow evening, it's an early night 5 to 8 for underage patrons," the man explained.

"Gos, we should head back home it looks like it is going to rain," Honker said.

Gosalyn looked up, with just the few minutes the clear sky, became filled with clouds.

"Could we come in?" Gosalyn asked.

"I'm sorry, it is after nine, no under age patrons after 9pm. It is the rules of the business."

Gosalyn smiled seductively.

"How do you know I'm not 21? I could be. A lot of people look young for your age. I could be blessed with eternal youth."

The bouncer laughed.

"You are a cute kid. Goodnight. You should head home it's going to rain soon."

Gosalyn was unfazed, as the rain started to fall.

"Could I use your phone then?" she asked.

Honker held in a laugh, and smiled at Gosalyn.

"There's a phone down the street," the bouncer answered.

"But there's one right inside the door, please don't let me get soaked."

A few minutes before, near the Duckburg end of Audubon Bay Bridge, Darkwing and Launchpad were speeding in the Ratcatcher. Bella and Louie were not far behind on her motorcycle. When the Ratcatcher made a halting stop.

"Whoa there Wingy, where's the fire?" a voice shouted.

"GizmoDuck," Darkwing warned, "I am not in the mood."

"What's wrong? I might be able to help," GizmoDuck continued.

"No thank you, so if you can let me go on my way," Darkwing replied.

Bella noticed that Darkwing and Launchpad were no longer moving, so she parked her bike.

She turned to her son Louie, and said, "Hey, is that GizmoDuck over there talking to Darkwing?"

Louie nodded.

"Yeah, come with me, and I'll introduce you. Besides it looks like some tension needs to be cut."

Bella and Louie started to walk toward, Darkwing, Launchpad, and GizmoDuck.

"GizmoDuck!" Louie shouted.

Gizmo spun around quickly.

"Louie! My old Gizmo Buddy! How have you been?" he asked.

"I am doing great! How are you? I would like you to meet someone."

GizmoDuck turned to Bella and smiled, offering his hand.

"You have yourself a beautiful girlfriend. I am Gizmo Duck…"

Bella laughed and smiled.

"Thank you, I am honored. But I'm actually Launchpad's girlfriend."

Bella shook Gizmo's hand.

"I'm Bella. Also known as Dumbella Duck, but I hate that name. I'm Louie's mother."

GizmoDuck had a look of amazement.

"Nice to meet you," GizmoDuck said.

"You too," Bella added. "We will have to talk sometime. In the meantime, we have to get going."

"What is going on? Do you need help?"

Bella shook her head.

"No, but thank you."

"My pleasure my lady," GizmoDuck said, nodding his head. He would taken off his hat, like a gentleman should, but that would reveal his secret identity.

GizmoDuck waved and then "drove" away.

"Thank you," Darkwing said.

Bella laughed.

"He seemed nice enough to me."

Launchpad smiled. He was going to offer no comment.

"That reminds me, now that we are in Duckburg, I ought to introduce you to my friend Fenton."

Bella crossed her arms.

"And then am I finally going to meet the family?" she asked.

Darkwing hopped back onto the Ratcatcher.

"Let's go," he ordered. "The Moon Beam, right?"

Back at the Moon Beam, the bouncer felt sorry for the now soaked Gosalyn and Honker.

"It is after 9pm, I really should not let you in, but give me your hands," the bouncer ordered, stamping one hand each.

"Just use the phone," he instructed, as he opened the door. "You can stay in the lobby until your ride gets here."

"Thank you," Gosalyn stated.

Honker nodded his head in agreement. "Thank you very much sir."

The two entered the bar. Gosalyn turned to Honker.

"Honk, stay by the phone as if you are using it. I'm going to get something to drink, okay?"

"Gos, what if we are caught? We are supposed to stay in the lobby."

Gosalyn sighed.

"But I'm thirsty. And besides, I'm stamped, and maybe Huey is here. He mentioned the other day before Dad grounded me that he was thinking about going to see his brother's show tonight."

Honker crossed his arms.

"Alright, but don't take too long."

Gosalyn nodded, and then vanished into the main room of the Moon Beam. She quickly made her way to the bar.

"Coo-Coo-Cola please," she ordered.

Ashley Ruddy, who was just coming out from the kitchen, looked at Gosalyn.

"Which flavor would that be? It's after nine, you know?"

"So? You can't be 21 either. Orange please. So please mind your own business."

Ashley laughed.

"Sorry," she said, while she filled up a glass of Coo-Coo-Cola. "Here you go. And you are right; I'm not 21. Actually, I'm 19, upcoming college sophomore. Need the money for college."

Gosalyn took the glass, and took a sip.

"That's cool. By the way, do you by any chance know if Huey Duck is here? Dewey of the Lone Duck's brother? He told me to meet him here?"

Ashley nodded, pointing to a table far on the right.

"He's over there with Dewey."

"Thank you," Gosalyn said.

Meanwhile in the parking lot, Donald just found himself a parking spot. Ever since the call from Bella, he had this feeling that something was up. She was hiding something from him.

Donald turned off the engine, and was about to get out of the car, when a familiar sound emerged behind him. It was Bella's motorcycle. She zoomed into the parking spot next to him. Louie was riding with her.

Bella stepped off her motorcycle, and knocked on Donald's window, gesturing for him to roll it down.

"What is going on!" Donald demanded. "Where are Huey and Dewey?"

Before Bella could answer, the sound of a second motorcycle overpowered her voice. Darkwing arrived on the scene, and parked the Ratcatcher on the other side of Bella's bike.

Darkwing hopped off the Ratcatcher.

"What's going on!" Donald shouted again.

"I will tell you what is going on," Darkwing began. "Your nephew is taking advantage of my daughter!"

Donald stormed out of his car.

"My nephew!" he shouted.

To Be Continued

Author Note:

Hello! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. The address discussion is based on two different address I found when I search the net for information on what is Donald Duck's Address. I mentioned back in "Back to the Nest" that Donald and Daisy opted to buy a new home after their wedding, so I decided to put this in mind. And about the GizmoDuck appearance… Since this chapter was set entirely in Duckburg, I thought it would been a fantastic opportunity for a GizmoDuck cameo. I always liked the character, and he had a role in both series and always had a kick with the Darkwing and GizmoDuck interactions. And it was only fair; given the fact I gave Bubba an unspoken part a couple chapters back. Please tell me what you think! Thank You!


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