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Extended Wings

A Disney Duck Fanfic:

Instead of being purely based on one entity, this story takes background from Classic Donald Duck cartoons, Ducktales, and Darkwing Duck.

Written By

Stef With a F

Chapter 14

Disclaimers: Disney owns most of these characters. Dumbella's past as Bella Widgeon is mine, as are the characters of Melanie Widgeon, Cindy Ganderquack, Jeffery Ruddy, Ashley Ruddy, Ronnie and Lisa Mallard, and whomever else I mention in the future.

Author Notes:

This story is sequel of sorts to the story Back to the Nest. You should be able to catch the bulk of the story without reading Back to the Nest, but it would give you more background on Bella Widgeon. Though, if you plan on reading Back to the Nest, this story reveals a major spoiler or two. Besides, I would love to know what you think.


This story is rated PG-13 for adult themes, but nothing really major.

"You are grounded for a month. That means no car, if there is any reason that I should let you go somewhere. You will be using the bus, but not to St. Canard. You will also not be using the phone." Donald informed Huey, ask he started to walk out of the room.

Huey stared at the ceiling of his bedroom, giving no verbal reply to his uncle's comments. Donald sighed, and covered his face with his left hand. He could tell that Huey was beyond upset. It wasn't really like Huey to pull the silent treatment. Huey had a temper, much like he did. He would scream and holler and be belligerent.

Donald clenched his fists, his arms tightly on his sides. He was perplexed on what he should do. He has been running off for months to see a girl in the next town. Though, he too did things with teen girls when he was Huey's age. The fact that he lied and schemed behind his and Drake Mallard's back... He felt in this heart, that maybe he was being too hard, but what should he do? Let Huey make his own rules? Let him get a sixteen-year-old girl pregnant, like his father did?

Donald turned around.

"Okay you are not grounded," he announced.

"What?" Huey responded immediately.

"You're not grounded," Donald repeated.

"But what with all you said…What the heck is going on here?"

Donald closed his eyes momentarily, and then reopened them.

"You are a teenager. I know how hard it is. It sucks at times…" Donald stated.

Huey sat up from on his bed.

"I know it does. Especially when…why…I know I should have not lied to you about the other night."

"No you shouldn't have. And you also should have not let your mother lie for you. She told me what really happened. That she found you walking the streets at one in the morning. You're mother is not the best mother. She made more than her share of mistakes. And that still doesn't excuse you to take advantage of her. I raised her partly myself you know. After your grandparents died. Grandma, your great-grandmother helped too of course. She raised me and your mother, before she, herself died. I hate lying. I almost thought about kicking your mother out of the house for her lying. But, that wouldn't be fair would it? She was trying to get in your good graces. "

"What you have hurt here though, is my trust."

Huey lowered his head. "I'm sorry. So, I can go see Gosalyn?"

Donald shook his head.

"No. That's not up to me. Mr. Mallard and I came to agreement. You can't see Gosalyn. And if you ever lie to me again about something in this magnitude, you are not going to being talking to anyone."

Huey closed his eyes.

"Do you think he will feel this way forever?" Huey inquired. "I didn't bring Gosalyn to the Moon Beam. She came herself. Because she wanted to come, because she loves me, and I love her. All you two are doing are creating a Romeo and Juliet scheme, and you know how that ended up."

Gosalyn was lying on her bed. She had her arms crossed close to her chest. Her legs crossed at her ankles and she was swaying her feet back and forth. She closed her eyes, and then reopened them quickly, and rolled her eyes. She then closed her eyes again tightly telling herself not to cry.

She knew sneaking out was wrong. But didn't her father understand that being grounded for three months was nothing compared to never seeing Huey again? Gosalyn rolled over, laying her head on her crossed arms.

"Dad will not stop me from seeing him!" she secretly vowed. They both knew that he could not watch her 24 hours a day.

Though, she tried that tactic before, and what did it give her? Another lecture and a longer prisoner sentence. She could not bear it anymore, a tear felt from her eye. She started to weep into her pillow.

Drake was passing back and forth in the living room.

"You think I was too hard on her, don't you," Drake announced.

Morgana looked at her husband questioningly.

"Well, she sneaked out! You know!" Drake continued.

"Yes, I know Dark," Morgana replied.

Drake threw his arms into the air.

"I can't leave such an act unpunished!" Drake shouted.

"Of course not," Morgana answered.

Drake shook his head, and then continued to pace. The sound of Gosalyn's sobs could be heard in the distance.

Drake sighed heavily.

"I want to punish her for what she did. I want to so much. Her running off scared the heck out of me. Though hearing her cry is making me want to take her into my arms and dry all her tears."

Morgana wrapped her arms around her husband.

"You knew this was going to happen you know. One day Gosalyn was destined to make room for another man to share her heart."

Drake shook his head.

"Never imagined it being so soon. So what do you think I should do Morg? There has to be some boundaries."

Morgana nodded.

"Yes, of course. You should ground her. She took off without your permission and scared you half to death. But to be frank, Dark. Keeping her from that boyfriend of hers is just going to make things worse. It will just make her rebel more."

Drake closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He kissed Morgana on the lips.

"I love you Morg," he said.

Morgana kissed Drake back, moaning slightly. "I love you too Dark."

Drake pulled back from Morgana and smiled at his wife of over five years.

"We have a birthday party to plan tomorrow. Remember?" Morgana added. "I'm going to check on the kids. Meet me in the bedroom in a few minutes?"

Drake nodded, and after Morgana left the room, Drake made his way to Gosalyn's room.

He knocked on the door.

"Gosalyn, could I come in?"

Gosalyn sat up on her bed, and used one of her shirtsleeves to dry her tears.

"I guess," she finally replied.

Drake opened the door, and sat on the corner to the bed.

"Gosalyn," he said. "We need to talk."

"Then talk," Gosalyn replied, trying her best to not show any emotion. For she already expressed enough emotion tonight for two life times and she was not sure how much more her heart could take.

Drake cleared his throat before looked eye level to his daughter.

"You make you crazy, you know?" he began. "I hope you know you do. But you need to know it's because I love you so much. You are my little girl."

"But dad…" Gosalyn began.

"I know you are growing up. And believe it or not, it's almost as hard for me as it is for you. I can't believe it how you grew these past seven years. And the changes just make me go out of mind with concern and anger. It's not that I am upset that you are turning into a woman. And I am not going to waste our time with what it is to be woman."

Drake pauses for a second where he shakes off the visions in his head.

"That's what health class is for," Drake continued.

Gosalyn laughed. "And I don't want to see nor hear your version of it either."

Drake laughed.

"You have to be careful, and you have to respect me and your curfew. And a midnight curfew doesn't just mean I want you home at midnight. It means that all visitors, male and female have left the house. And you know better that no boys are allowed here when Morgana, Launchpad or I are not home."

Gosalyn smiled. "Not even Honker?"

Drake eyed Gosalyn a warning.

"This is not a joke Gosalyn. What you did, taking off was a severe violation of trust. And you must understand that it will not recover anytime soon. Does this mean you will be grounded until the end of time? No. A couple weeks will be sufficient. Though, you will understand that for a much great amount of time. You will not be leaving this house without checking with one us adults first. I don't care if it's just to go a couple houses down to Honker's. You will have to earn my trust back."

"I understand," Gosalyn said. "Are you going to still keep me from Huey?"

"For two weeks, yes. But yes, you may call him."

Gosalyn hugged Drake.

"I love you Dad. I'm so sorry."

"I love you too Gosalyn."

To Be Continued

Author Notes:

Hello! All! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. One more chapter left-- a birthday party! LOL, you might be asking yourself, didn't the last story end in a birthday party? Why, yes! LOL, but this is a different birthday! LOL… Plus I have to tie up some lose ends with Bella and Launchpad… They are the other major story line in this story you know. Please tell me what you think! Thanks!


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