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Extended Wings

A Disney Duck Fanfic:

Instead of being purely based on one entity, this story takes background from Classic Donald Duck cartoons, Ducktales, and Darkwing Duck.

Written By

Stef With a F


Disney owns most of these characters. Dumbella's past as Bella Widgeon is mine, as are the characters of Melanie Widgeon, Cindy Ganderquack, Jeffery Ruddy, Ronnie and Lisa Mallard, and whomever else I mention in the future.

Author Note:

This story is sequel of sorts to the story Back to the Nest. You should be able to catch the bulk of the story without reading Back to the Nest, but it would give you more background on Bella Widgeon. Though, if you plan on reading Back to the Nest, this story reveals a major spoiler or two. Besides, I would love to know what you think. This story is rated PG-13 for adult themes, but nothing really major. I'm just being on the safe side. Most of these chapters will most likely be PG.

Border line PG-13 in this chapter.

Typos and Grammar mistakes fixed.

Please tell me what you think.



Chapter 4

Huey blinks.

"So…interesting movie, that was, yes," he said to Gosalyn, while rolling his eyes.

Gosalyn laughed.

"It wasn't that bad. I liked it," Gosalyn responded.

She placed her head on Huey's right shoulder.

"Thank you Huey," she said.

Huey reached out for the remote with his left arm, turning the television off.

He placed his right arm around Gosalyn, pulling her closer to him.

"You're welcome Gos," he said with a smile.


Huey sat up then.

Gosalyn looked at him with concerned eyes. She frowned.

"What is wrong?" she asked.

Huey shook his head, as he moved the other side of the sofa and supported himself, his back against the armrest.

"Come over here," he called to her.

Gosalyn positioned herself on the opposite site, facing him. She was sitting Indian-style, and had her arms crossed.

"Hmm?" she asked, raising one of her eyebrows.

"Come, come here please. Please sit on my lap?" he asked.

Gosalyn smiled.

"Please? Yes, that's much better."

Gosalyn crawled to the other side of the couch--she wrapped her legs around Huey's waist, and wrapped her arms around Huey's shoulders.

Huey wrapped his left arm across the small of Gosalyn's lower back, wrapping his right arm just below her shoulder blades.

Huey began to kiss the rim of her collarbone.

Gosalyn closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

"Huey?" she whispered.

Huey stopped immediately, and looked up into Gosalyn's eyes.

"Are you okay? Want me to stop?"

Gosalyn nodded her head. When Huey started to back away, she grabbed his arm, and then shook her head.

"Don't want you to stop…but we can only kiss okay?"

Huey smiled.

"Of course, only when you're ready, will we do more," he answered.

Gosalyn narrowed her eyes.

"What if I'm never ready?" she insinuated.

"I will still wait for you," he replied.

"Smooth," Gosalyn stated. "Love you."

"Love you too."

"I had fun tonight, what about you?" Launchpad asked laughing nervously.

Bella smiled flirtatiously. "Yes, Launchpad, I had a very fun time.. Come, ride with me? We can go pick up your car later."

"You know Bella, if you just let me pick you up, we will save a lot of gas," Launchpad relayed.

Bella cupped her hands around her face.

"You know, I could just pick you up on my motorcycle…"

"Well, I suppose…"

"Suppose later. Come ride with me, it will be fun. If you are not scared?"

" Why would I be scared? You act like I've never been on a motorcycle before. Tell you what. I will go ride with you tonight, if you promise that you will come ride with me in an airplane one time."

Bella shifted her hands into a pondering position.

"You said you work for Uncle Scrooge? Shall I ask for a reference?"

Launchpad look white for a second.

"You okay Honey?"

"Umm, yes! Of course I am fine. And I'm good pilot too."

Launchpad suddenly looked a little uneasy.

Bella laughed.

"Of course it's a deal honey. I trust you, come on…I have extra helmet in the back."

Morgana let out big sigh. "About time those two felt asleep. I love being their mommy, but two toddlers really wipe me out. Tell me again why we had them right after each other?"

Drake looked at Morgana in shock.

"I'm kidding Dark. You know I wouldn't trade our three children for anything in the world."

"But you must admit they are handful sometimes."

"Of course, but I wouldn't have it any other way," Drake said.

He leaned over to kiss the cheek of the sleeping Lisa, who was lying on his left shoulder. He then reached into his pocket for the key to the front door.

He opened the front door, and reached over to the light switch to turn on the light.

Drake looked over to the couch. Two people were lying on the couch. One he recognized one he did not.

Anger and concern filled his eyes. He took a deep breath, and clenched his fists momentarily.

"Morgana…" he whispered. "Can you take Lisa?"

"Drake?" She said, quietly stepping closer into the house. "Is something wrong?" she asked.

Drake said nothing in response, yet gestured for Morgana enter room to pick up Lisa.

She entered the living room pushing Ronnie in his car stroller.

"Be careful she's still sleeping," he whispered.

Drake gently handed Lisa over to Morgana.

Morgana peeked over and was shocked to what she saw.

"Go!" Drake demanded yet still in whisper. "I'll handle this!"

"Drake, make sure you listen to her side of the story before you make any judgements," Morgana pleaded.

"Go!" Drake said again. "Take the kids into the other room."

At last, Morgana nodded and left the room quickly.

Drake stepped closer to the couch, where Huey and Gosalyn were sleeping.

Drake grabbed Huey, a dragged him off the bed, waking him up immediately.

"What are you doing in my house!?" he shouted. "Do you not know what time it is?!"

"Dad!" Gosalyn shouted.

"Young Lady…you have some explaining to do. You are not going to see this boy again--Do you hear me? And you young man, if I ever see you in this house again…"

"Dad!" Gosalyn shouted again.

"Call later Gos…" Huey shouted.

Gosalyn got up on her feet. "No wait!"

Huey blew Gosalyn a kiss, and winked.

He grabbed the movie he brought over and went out the front door.

To Be Continued

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