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The Libra

Written By

Stef With a F

Disclaimer: Mirage Studios own the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…I am not making money off this. This is corny, and totally immature. But hopefully funny?

Rated R

I stared at her at a distance. She was so beautiful. Her dark brown hair, her full red lips…her bright hazel eyes. She slowly pulled her T-shirt over her head…she had an opal naval ring.

"A Libra?" I whispered to myself. I paused, as she stopped for a second. Soon I saw the reason for her hesitation as I heard the sound of a black laced bra fall to the floor.

She pulled the rest of the shirt off exposing herself in front of me. God! She was beautiful. From my estimate she was a size 36, cup size C…perfect…and not an inch of it was fake.

I wanted to touch her, I wanted her to touch me, I wanted…

I halted my sexual thoughts as I noticed she was not done. I felt like a boy patiently waiting for the cookies that his mother is making in the oven.

She pulled off her skintight jeans, revealing her black panties.

I gasped. Was she going to let me see all of her?

Just then, as if she heard me. She stopped. Oh God? Can she see me?

But no, she just walked to her bed, where lied a red robe.

"Now!" I thought to myself. "Now was the time she was going to hide from me!" But I knew that I have seen enough already to imagine all I needed. She turned her back on me, allowing me a bit more into her "soul"; her bare back welcomed my eyes, as I welcomed the eye candy I was now receiving.

"Please…" I quietly begged. "Please, do not put on that robe. Please let me see all that the Great Lord gave you…"

She was taunting me. I was pretty sure that she did not see me, but if she did, she had great pleasure in my torture. She took off her panties and they fell to the floor.

Her backside was great…I wanted to kiss her earlobes, her neck, I wanted to trace my kisses down her spine…I wanted to hold her gentle breasts…trace my fingers to her navel…and circle it with my tongue. But most of all I wanted a mere glimpse of the forbidden territory. Yet, but most definitely once I receive that generous gift, I will want so much more.

She bent down, and I felt tension between my legs.

"Oh baby," I whispered. "Why do you torture me?"

My legs could not move, even when I tried, I could not move closer to her.

"Baby…honey…" I cried.

She placed her robe on then, hiding herself from me.

"Where am I?" I whined. "Did I die and go to…"

She walked out of the open door. Down the hall to the laundry room.

"Was all this just for her to get ready… to get new clothes out of the dryer?" I thought to myself.

She closed the door, keeping the truth from me. I couldn't tell from the distance. But it sounded like she was throwing clothes into the washing machine. But then something startled me. Heavy breathing…what was she doing?

I wanted to whisper her name, but I did not know her name. But I remembered her hazel eyes.

"Hazel", I whispered. "Hazel…" I said again and again, each time slightly louder. All this torture was getting to me. I could not stand it any longer. I wanted her. I craved her. I thirsted for her. I needed her.

And then, the miracle happened. The utility door opened. She heard me. And to my gratitude she forgot her robe.

I could not quiet the naughty thoughts in my mind, and nor obviously could I shelter my body…

My blood ran cold, as the blood drained from my face. I was in her home just staring at her. What if she screamed? What if she called the police? My ninja skills told me to retreat yet, once again my legs did not obey.

She stepped closer. Again, I could not move. She placed her right arm around me restraining me. In any other instance, this would be a humorous attempted. I would be out of her grasp in mere nanoseconds… With her left arm, she disarmed me…causing my weapons to fall to the floor.

She stepped anyway from me for a moment, as if she was giving me a chance a leave. But alas, I still could not. It could have be psychological reason…as if maybe her magnetic beauty confined me.

"You are one of those Ninja Turtles," she said simply.

I nodded. I opened my mouth to be more specific, but she shook her head.

"Shh…" she whispered. "Me just so horny…"

I laughed. She pouted at my laughter.

"You look like you are…don't you want me? You…you mean, green…fighting machine…?"

"Oh baby…" I whispered. "But…"

"Shh…" she purred. "It will be fine…"

She raised her leg…

But then she stopped.

"Hazel…" I groaned, I moaned.

"Don't you heard that?" she said. "It's a smoke detector…my house is on fire!"

"No," I said shaking my head. "No, Hazel, there is no fire…please…please…"

"Hey! Mikey! Mikey! Mikey!" a voice shouted. "Mikey! Wake up!"

"No!" I shouted. "No Hazel! I don't care if the house is burning down…baby I need you so much!"

"WAKE UP!" shouted the voice again. "Mike, God Damn it, if I need to carry you, I am going to kick your fuckin ass!"

I opened my eyes. "Raph?" I questioned.

"Good!" Raph snarled. "Now, get the fuck out of bed…Can't you see the place is on fire?"

The End.

             Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Stefanie "Stef With an F" Dinino, Disney characters copyrighted by Disney, used in a non-profit matter