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Melanie Widgeon

Note: Profile contains spoilers

NAME: Melanie Elvira Widgeon

A.K.A.: Dr. Melanie Widgeon (future sagas)

NICKNAMES: (None identified yet)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Black feathers, reddish brown hair, resembles her mother, other than having her father's feathers

CLOTHING: she likes to dress "dress-casual"

OCCUPATION: She's a doctor when she grows up.

HOBBIES: Hanging out with her best friends Ronnie and Lisa Mallard, Nature type stuff, research

SPECIAL ABILITIES: None really, but she is quite smart

ORIGIN: She was born to her parents Bella and Gregory Widgeon near the end of their marriage.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: She takes on a maternal approach while still holding on what makes her young.

MOTIVATION: She is just starting to intergrate herself into a family she has just started to get to know.

PERSONALITY: Carefree yet responsible

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Daughter of Bella , Sister to Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Stepdaughter to Launchpad McQuack

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