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Stefwithaf's Playoff Commentary

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 10:32:14 PM EDT

2002-2003 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Complete NHL Playoff Schedule

Stef With a F's Playoff Commentary

Now that my Redwings are out I have sent my fanship to both the Mighty Ducks and Wild. I am so hoping to see these two teams in the Conference Finals!

Now the Ducks are in the Conference Semifinals against the Dallas Stars. Mike Modano is a major hottie. (Seriously I'm not a Puck Bunny, I love hockey too!) But Still Go Mighty Ducks!

And hee hee, The Colorado Avlanche are out of the playoffs too...Go Minnesota Wild!


#1 Dallas Stars vs. #7 Anaheim Mighty Ducks

April 29, 2003

Well! Now the Mighty Ducks are continuing to kick butt, by two more overtimes wins! The Mighty Ducks have now won 6 playoff games in a row, 5 of them in overtime. Wowsters!

Game 1:

Final Score: 4-3, Ducks (5OT!!!)

Fourth longest game in NHL history

Game 2:

Final Score: 3-2, Ducks (OT)

Game 3:

Final Score 2-1 Stars

Well, The Dallas Star picked up that one, but once again. An one goal game...all 7 games for Ducks have been determined by one goal! Wowsters.

Game 4

ANA 1, DAL 0

Game 5

DAL 4, ANA 1

Game 6

ANA 4, DAL 3


Go Wild!!!

#4 Vancouver Canucks vs #6 Minnesota Wild

Game 1:

4-3 Vancouver

Game 2:

3-2 Minnestoa

Game 3:

VAN 3, MIN 2

Game 4:

VAN 3, MIN 2 (OT)

Game 5:

MIN 7, VAN 2 Wowsters!

Game 6:

MIN 5, VAN 1

Game 7:

MIN 4, VAN 2

Mighty Duck Fanfiction By Me.

The Ducks (from the movie) watch The Mighty Ducks play The Dallas Stars in Game 5 of the Semi-Finals

Game 5

Well Both my Teams did it! On to the Conference Finals.

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