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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 10:32:14 PM EDT

2003-2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Stef With a F's Playoff Commentary

Western Conference:


#1 Detroit Red Wings vs. #6 Calgary Flames

Openning commentary:

What a series the Semi-Finals have been! The Detroit Redwings won after a Game 6 finish. The Calgary Flames looked like they would win after a Game 6 too. But Vancouver objected and after 2 overtimes, into the third, they won game 6, pushing the nerve wrecking game 7. Once again Vancouver brought the game to a tie, even more so with mere seconds to spare. The Home Team crowd regained their breath, yet, sadly with about a minute in a half in the first overtime, The Flames scored.

Of the four games the Wings and Flames played. The Wing won three, the Flames only one. Yet, Calgary won the last, and has since been playing in such a hot pursuit. They ousted the third place team. The Wings can not take their skill for granted. Go Wings Go! We have two more rounds to go!

Game 1:


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