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Chapter 12

Donald hugged his sister.

"You can stay here as long as you want," he said.

"Really?" Bella asked. "It will just be for a little while, until I get myself on my feet."

Donald nodded. "Yeah, I'll make you a little apartment for you and Melanie in the basement."

Daisy made a half smile. This would take a bit to get used to, having Bella under the same roof for an extended amount of time. Though, she knew it was the right thing to do. For now anyway.

"It will take a day to set up, but I think it will be for the best. You will have yourself some privacy," Donald continued.

He looked at the clock. It was nearly 10pm.

Daisy nodded. "Hopefully, tomorrow night I'll get home from work sooner. Thanks for the dinner Bella. We are going to head to bed. The boys should be home soon."

Bella nodded.

Donald and Daisy left the room. The situation was over, for the night anyway.

"I just don't care!" Huey called out. "Can you just get that through your head?"

"No not really," Louie responded. "You do care. I mean if you didn’t you could be indifferent not angry."

"You mean like Dewey?" Huey answered.

Louie shook his head. "He's not indifferent. He's just trying to ignore the issue. He was quite angry earlier."

Huey nodded, "Aha, and you are just pretending everything is alright."

"Thanks Jeff for the ride home!" Dewey called, waving to a friend of his in blue van.

"Hey, anytime. And thank you for the burgers!" Jeff called back.

"No prob.!" Dewey shouted. "See you later?"

Dewey's friends waved back and took off in the blue van. Dewey used the few hours hanging out with his friends to ignore the situation at home for a few hours. Growing up without a mother was hard for all the boys. While some people let it be, others always wondered why an uncle and not a parent were raising him.

Louie said she was dead. Dewey knew it was not true, but allowed everyone to believe it. He just tried to ignore the past.

But the past can not be ignore, instead it should be use to prevent future mistakes. The miscarriage was red flag. A warning that something had to be changed. And it did bring on change. She called us. And if we were not with Uncle Scrooge at the time…The last few years could have been every different. Why didn't Uncle Donald tell her?

"Everything is not all right, Huey," Louie stated. "I am not claiming that. Remember though that she did try to call us some years ago. We got are numbers crossed. And she was recovering from her accident and trying to put her life back together. We can not continue to play the blaming game. Old grudges solve nothing. The important thing is that she is here now!"

Huey rolled his eyes.

"What if she leaves again? What if we get hurt again?" he shouted.

"It's the chance we have to take!" Louie shouted.

"Well, I don't want to take the chance!" he shouted. "I don't trust her Louie. Why should I? Why should I open myself up to be hurt again?!"

Louie sighed.

"I was talking to Webby, and she believes we should take this opportunity to get to know our mother. I'm going to try. I miss not having a mother. We are almost home now. Look. It looks like Jeff just dropped off Dewey," Louie informed, having seen Jeff's blue van driving by.

A few minutes later, Bella went into the den, where Melanie was sleeping on the sofa, to check on her. Her black and white feathers pressed against the pillow.

Bella sighed; her daughter was the salvation of her marriage, and her climax of her past life. Melanie's coloring came from her father, a Black Widgeon, with long black feathers and white streaks. Bella went to her sleeping daughter and sat next to her, content just to watch her sleep. The richest part of her every day was to watch her little girl sleep. Just thinking how special she was, and how much life would differ if she didn't have such a big part in her heart. She loves her boys, but time could never forget how she placed her needs and wants above her obligation. Her youth stupidity would be something that has and will haunt her for years.

She heard a knock on the den door

"Come in," she whispered.

Dewey walked in.

"Hello honey," Bella said. "Sorry about taking over your computer room. But don't worry we will be out of here soon."

Dewey stared at her with wide-eyes. "You're leaving again?"

Bella shook her head. "Oh no, no, I'm not leaving. I'm moving. Into the basement tomorrow."

"Oh!" Dewey said. "It is just that when you said…I thought…"

Bella frowned.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that," Bella said. "And I don't blame you. But, no…I'm not leaving…"

The sound of a car pulling into the driveway interrupted the awkward conversation.

"Sounds like you brothers are finally home. One of them at least," Bella continued.

"Yeah, Louie always picks Webby up from Student Government. She prefers it, for otherwise Ducksworth would have to pick her up. And she hates that. Then he visits at the mansion for a few hours. I wouldn't be surprised if Huey asked for a ride back from St. Canard either," Dewey explained.

Bella nodded. "So, did you want something?"

"Yeah. I want to check something online real quick if you don't mind…I'll be quiet," Dewey said.

Bella nodded. "Hey, if you are still hungry, there's left over Alfredo in the fridge."

"Thanks mom," Dewey said.

To Be Continued

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