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Stefwithaf's Website

Here's a long list of my fanfictions. Still not all of them are listed. If one you loved is missing, drop me a line and I'll e-mail it too you. Though mostly the reason it is not posted is because it is incomplete. :-( But I'll e-mail it to you anyway. If you want it :)

Note: Some but not ALL Fanfictions listed are featured on GreenLeoFiend's Fanfiction.Net Page

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Disney Ducks Fanfictions:

The Bella Widegon Files

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfitions:

Three Years Without Flowers **

The Libra


Malcolm in the Middle Fanfictions:

Blonde Over Blue (Crossover with That 70's Show, Joint effort)

Plus check out my stories at

Ghostwriter Fanfiction:

Coming Back Home- By Stefanie "Stef With a F" Dinino ( When the Ghostwriter team reunites in the future, they learn about their past. *WARNING* this story has an adult rating, for some instances of bad language, violence, and adult relationships. Most of it's good, but it may not be for younger readers.*

Check Out Other Great Ghostwriter Fanfiction at:

Ghostwriter Fanfiction: Ghost Stories

Soap Related Fanfiction:

Sigh There Used to be a time when I used to love to write Soap Opera Fanfictions. Here are a few I wrote. Some of these are from my old site. And can not be find else where on the net. Others are linked to

General Hospital

Check out my page at

All My Children Fanfiction

What Really Matters : One of my first fanfictions, though it took forever to be finished. Mainly a Ryan and Gillian Fanfiction, but ulimately became a Leo and Greenlee fanfiction too. Also features some David and Erica. This story takes place soon after Jake and Gillian's joke of a marriage.

Love You Forever : Short and Complete Leo and Greenlee story that takes place soon after Leo and Laura's joke marriage.

In the Dark Now : Short David and Erica Tease

Martin Stories: Stories about the sometimes annoying Martins : Collection of fics making fun of our favorite torn Smirky Smurf! (AKA Jake Martin for the unenlightened)


* Story in progress

** Incomplete and in hiatus

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