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Back to the Nest

Chapter 13 and 14

Chapter 13

"Excuse me Miss."

The associate at the Guest Service Desk looked up, immediately putting down the magazine she was reading. "How can I help you miss?" she responded.

"May I have an application please?" Bella asked.

"Sure thing," the associated returned. "Just fill this out and place it in this tray."

Bella nodded. "Thank you."

Bella took the document, and studied it for a bit.

In what department would you like to work? List all that apply…

"Mmm, Sports, Women's Apparel, Beach and Pool, Patio, Electronics, Books and Magazines, Toys, Girls' Apparel, Boys' Apparel, Baby and Toddler Apparel…These all sound interesting," Bella said to herself.

Please list your last three employers and reason for leaving.

Bella filled out the remaining lines in the application and then placed it in the indicated tray.

The Customer Service Associate smiled back at Bella.

"They will probably call you in a couple days for an interview. Good Luck!"

Bella smiled.


"You're Welcome."

Bella got the job the following week, and she was so grateful. After about a month living in Donald's basement, she really needed to get out and do something. The boys and Daisy were slowly getting used to the idea of her and Melanie living at the house. Working in the Toy department at Duck-Mart is a welcome change to her stressful world.

Well, most of the time. Being in a toy department often brings in hyper children, and sometimes hyper parents. Bella could just imagine how wacky this place could be in the Christmas Season. Parents fighting bill and flipper for the last Tickle Me Quacky, the cruelest ploy for multi aspirin sales since the era they replaced Coca-Cola with New Coke.

Bella's duty for the shift, was to stock the shelves with the news toys.

A young duck about four-years-old grabs a toy out of the cart.

Bella smiled. What a cute little boy?

Bella lowered herself to be eye level with the boy.

"Where is your parents?" Bella asked.

The boy shrugged his shoulders. He embraced the toy he was hoarding and turned his back on Bella.

"Come on honey, you need to help me find your parents," Bella said in a gentle voice.

"Stranger!" the child shouted.

"Oh…I'm sorry," Bella continued in an easy voice. "Yes, I'm a stranger. And good, it's true; you should not trust strangers. Do you know where you last saw your Mommy and Daddy?"

"They are at work!" the child shouted.

Bella bit her bill this is going to be harder than she thought. She walked back to her register, and grabbed the phone.

"Ronnie?" shouted an older duck a few isles back. "Ronnie? Where are you?!"

"Sir?" Bella called out, waving her hands out, trying to gain the man's attention.

Bella looked back at the child.

"Is your name Ronnie?" Bella asked.

The boy nodded.

"Stranger!" he shouted again.

The adult male a few isles back, started to quickly walk toward Ronnie.

"Ronnie!" he shouted, as he was about to reach the boy. "There you are buddy!"

Ronnie placed his hands on his hips.

"May I have this?" he showed the man the toy he was holding.

The man placed his hand out to for Ronnie to give him the toy.

"No!" Ronnie said.

"Yes? I need to see how much?"

Ronnie surrendered the toy.

The man looked at the price tag.

"Uh-Uh," he replied.

"Yes!" Ronnie said back.

The man looks for something else on the cart.

"What about this buddy?" the man asked.

"But I don't have enough?" the man returned.

"NO! LP! NO!" the child shouted.

"Maybe some other time?" the man offered.

Ronnie threw the toy back into the cart.

"I'm sorry Miss," he said. "Hope Ronnie didn't give you too much trouble."

Bella laughed.

"Oh no, that's okay, I have three boys. Triplets actually. I remember this age very well…"

The man laughed.

"Must be a handful, Ronnie is actually my godson, but I love him all the same."

The man looks at his wristwatch. "Oh! I have to go. Maybe we will run into each other some other time? Maybe get to know a bit about the pretty lady I'm talking to?"

Bella blushed.

"Yes perhaps," she said.

"Come on!" Ronnie shouted.


Chapter 14

Smash is the way you feel all alone, like an outcast you're out on your own. Smash is the way you deal with your life, like an outcast you're smashing your strife. Head over heals I've fit in before. Now I don't want to do it no more. I just want to be who I want to be. Guess that's hard for others to see!

"I'm not a trendy…" Jeff started to sing.

"Shh, Melanie…" Dewey shouted back.

"Your sister is all the way back in the house Dew-Man. She's not going to hear us," Jeff shouted.

Dewey turned off the music.

"Maybe she won't hear us. But, you know. She's six does she really need to hear all these four letters words?" Dewey stated.

Jeff pondered that for a moment. "But the one I wanted to say had seven letters?"

Dewey shook his head laughing. "You jerk."

"Hey! That's a four lettered word!" Jeff shouted back.

Dewey rolled his eyes, and laughed so more.

Jeff placed his hand on Dewey's shoulder.

"That's better. Welcome back Dewey," he said.

"Hmm?" Dewey said back. "What are you talking about? Where did I go?"

"Mopsville, USA," Jeff answered.

"Ah," Dewey stated.

He sighed. "But you have to admit Jeffery, that I had have a lot of things to deal with the last few months."

Jeff nodded. "I am not saying that. I know the "having the mother back that you told yourself died", really messed you up. And of course it did. Why wouldn’t it?"

Jeff smiled.

"Let's just say the band and I are glad to have our carefree Dewey back."

Dewey sat down on one of the launch chairs in the garage, stretched, and yawned.

"I'm getting used to her. Mom's different now. I'm different now. It's like; meaning someone you used to know. Like, Bill Webber, for instance. Remember how he was in Elementary school? And then his mother sent him to private school, from 5th grad until this pass school year? We knew him from back in preschool all the way until I went to live with Uncle Scrooge. And now, look? He's like this whole different person. It's amazing."

Jeff nodded. "But he was a kid, your mother is a woman, then and now. Old dogs don't learn new tricks. I wouldn't trust her. I would tell her how if I was not worth raising, she is not worthy of raising me."

"That's how Huey feels." Dewey mentioned. "And you know, I respect that. He'll forgive mom if and when he's ready, no reason forcing it. Louie is always trying to play the Golden Rule theory. Treat others how you would want them to treat you, not how they treat you. Because living by the 'What goes around, comes around theory just helps the transport of continuos feelings of resent.' Which is true, and I respect that as well."

Jeff nodded.

"So, basically…" Dewey continued.

Jeff placed his hand up.

"Gotch ya, promise," he informed. "You want to know your mother as not only your mother, but as a person."

"Yeah…so, where are Duke and Luke? We have a show to practice for!" Dewey shouted.

Jeff looked at his watch.

"Yes! They should be here soon. Our first 'tour' so to speak in just a couple of weeks. Gotta thank your brother for me again for the arrangements he made."

Dewey nodded. "Will do."

There was a knock at the garage door.

"Duke, Luke? That you?" Dewey shouted.

"No, it's me," Huey answered.

"Why Ya knocking?" Dewey answered.

Huey blinked. "Yeah, good question. So, what's up?"

"Practice, thought it looks like Duke and Luke are late again, " Jeff informed.

"I see, an usual occurrence lately, eh?" Huey stated.

"Sadly yes," Dewey agreed.

"He better not be late when the big concert comes. Anyway, I came here for other business. So, Jeff, could I have my brother for a moment? And maybe Duke and Luke arrive soon?" Huey asked.

"Oh yeah, of course, I'll go in the driveway for a bit. Thanks for the networking," Jeff said as he left the garage.

"Okay?" Dewey inquired. "What's up?"

"Uncle Donald's Birthday's coming up…Louie and I were thinking about a little party." Huey informed.

"Oooh…big 40th isn't it?" Dewey added.

Author Notes and Song Credits

For the opening italic lyrics plus the "I'm not a trendy…" line that Jeff was commencing is from the song "Smash" from the Album Smash by The Offspring.

Extra Characters and other Announcements

Bill Webber and Dewey's band members: Jeff, Duke, and Luke are my characters. And yes, Donald's birthday is coming up very soon. Toon Disney is having a marathon on June 8 for Donald. Frankly, I am not sure how old Donald is supposed to be, but he is going to be 40 in this fanfiction. The next chapter might be the last chapter of "Back to the Nest" but I plan on starting a new book in this series.

To Be Continued

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