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Chapter 15

"Donald! Donald!" a young Dumbella called out.

"What?!" shouted thirteen-year-old Donald.

"Come. Come! I have a surprise for you!"

Donald came out his bedroom.

"Happy Birthday!" the six-year-old girl shouted, jumping up and down. "I made you a cake!"

"All by yourself?!" Donald asked astonished.

Dumbella nodded. "Yup! With my Easy Bake Oven."

"Thank you very much!" Donald said to his sister.

"Welcome! You're my favorite brother you know."

"Dumbella you silly girl! I'm your only brother!"

Bella smiled to herself. That was wow, twenty-seven years ago. In a way it felt like one hundred years ago. She was just a six-year-old girl trying to impress her older brother with a cake by an Easy Bake Oven. She actually did make the cake by herself, without parental supervision. She wanted to show the world that she was big girl. Their mother Hortense McDuck Duck died at a young age, so sometimes young Bella took it upon herself to be the woman of the house.

And now, she has a six-year-old girl of her own, in addition to three teenaged boys.

The three boys were busy putting up party decorations for Donald's 40th Birthday. They have been planning it for awhile now. Daisy, who of course, was also in on the festivities, took Donald out for a Birthday Dinner and Movie.

Scrooge was also planning on coming after his evening board meeting.

Bella sighed.

Scrooge has known about her return for some time now, but both parties conveniently decided to avoid the issue until now. Bella could only imagine the possible disgust her uncle could be harvesting against her. She remembered quite well that Scrooge disapproved of both the boys' father and of Gregory. Time has caused Bella to admit that her track record in regard to men for the most part has been questionable. It was only recently that she felt that things were improving for her on that front.

"Mommy?" Melanie called out, interrupting Bella's trial of thought.

"Yes sweetie?" Bella asked her daughter.

"Can you help me make Uncle Donald a Birthday Cake?" the child requested.

Bella smiled.

"Of course sweetie!" Bella answered.

Bella got a bowl, and some measuring cups out of a cabinet.

"Melanie? Could you get me a big glass pan from that cabinet over there?" Bella asked the child.

Melanie nodded and hurried off to the cabinet near the dishwasher.

"Here you go Mommy," she said, handing her mother the glass cake pan.

Bella grabbed the pan placed it on the counter.

"Wanna stir it for your mother?" Bella asked.

Melanie answered by grabbing the wooden spoon.

While stirring, Melanie looked up at her mother.

"Mommy, do you think Uncle Donald likes me?" she asked. "Maybe this cake will get him to like me? You think Mommy?"

Bella smiled at her daughter.

"Of course Uncle Donald likes you," Bella ensured.

"He yells a lot. Really a lot," Melanie informed.

Bella laughed. "He always have. But not at you right?"

Melanie shook her head.

"You have nothing to worry about then. Trust me," Bella promised. "Okay Melanie, that's enough stirring."

Bella took back the bowl from Melanie and poured the cake batter into the greased cake pan.

"In about an hour sweetie you can help me decorate it, okay?"

Melanie nodded.

"Louie?" Melanie called. "May I watch one of your Mickey Videos?"

"Yeah, let's go watch it in my room," Louie stated.

"We still got a bit before Uncle Donald and Aunt Daisy should be here. And the surprise party will be so perfect. I drove the car to Jeff's house for the night, Mom's bike is well hidden in the garage, and Uncle Scrooge is getting dropped off of course, so there will be no visual evidence that we are home!" Dewey informed. "Huey, Mom? Could you two finish up the decorations?

"Sure Honey," Bella ensured.

Huey nodded. "Yeah, go ahead."

Melanie, Dewey, and Louie disappeared from the room.

About thirty minutes later.

Huey finished taping up a balloon and came down from off the foot ladder.

"I'm going to buzz Uncle Scrooge and see if he's on his way," Huey informed.

Bella nodded.

There was a knock the door, at the same time the cake timer went off.

"Oh that's probably him right now," said Huey.

Bella nodded. "I have to tend to the cake. Could you open the door please?"

Huey nodded.

He went and opened the door.

"Uncle Scrooge!" Huey called out.

"Hey Laddie. I am not late?" Scrooge inquired.

Huey shook his head. Then gave his uncle a big hug.

"No Uncle Donald and Daisy are still out," Huey explained. "Dewey, Louie, and Melanie are watching a video in the other room. "Should I get them?"

"Aye, I would like to meet this young niece of mine," Scrooge agreed.

"Dewey, Louie, Melanie!" Huey shouted. "Uncle Scrooge is here!"

Dewey and Louie came out a few moments later.

Melanie followed close behind Louie, peeked out and looked up to Scrooge.

"Are you my Uncle Scrooge?" she asked.

"Aye, tell me look at you for a bit," Scrooge responded. "You have your grandmother's pretty eyes. What is your name?"

"Melanie, because I have black feathers like my Daddy. Well, that's what Mommy tells me because I never saw my Daddy," Melanie informed.

"Well, it's his lost, because you are such a pretty Lass," Scrooge stated.

Melanie giggled.

"Thank you Uncle Scrooge!" she said.

Scrooge smiled.

Bella, who was listening in the kitchen, took a deep breath, and entered the front room.

"Hello Uncle Scrooge," she said.

"Bella," He said simply.

Bella forced a smile.

"How have you been?" she asked.

"Great. My businesses are all making a profit. Glumgold profits are dropping. And I'm here with my family celebrating a birthday with the people I care for the most, my family."

"You're not mad at me?" Bella asked.

"Disappointed maybe, but this is not the time or place, for that future conversation. I'm happy to see you, though. It has been a long time. " Scrooge relayed.

Bella made a half smile, satisfied for the moment.

"We better go hide," Bella informed. "Sounds like they are home."

Scrooge, Bella, Melanie, Huey, Dewy, and Louie hurried themselves behind a couch to eliminate detection.

"I can't believe that no one else remembered my birthday!" Donald shouted.

"Donald Dear, you are over-reacting. Of course the boys remembered your birthday," Daisy stated.

"But, done of them said 'Happy Birthday!' and they are not even home! Look the cars gone!"

Daisy bit her lip, playing along.

"That's strange, let me put away some of these bags and we'll go look for them okay?" Daisy offered. "But could you open the door for me?"

Donald mumbled something under his breath.

"Dang kids!"

He opened the door.

"See Daisy…No one is…" Donald began.

"Surprise!" Everyone shouted.

"You guys!" Donald shouted back.

"Happy Birthday Uncle Donald!" shouted the boys and Melanie.

"Happy Birthday Donald!" added Scrooge and Bella.

"I thought you all forgot!" Donald shouted back.

"Of course not Uncle Donald, you're 40! Why would we ever forget that?!" Huey shouted.

"Don't remind me!" Donald stated.

"But Donald, I thought the idea of forgetting your birthday would be worse?!" Daisy pondered out loud.

"You be quiet!" Donald shouted.

"Cake! Cake! Cake!" Melanie shouted.

Bella laughed.

"It's in the kitchen. Come one everyone, let's say all say, 'Happy Birthday'," she offered.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dear Donald!

Happy Birthday to you!

"Now make a wish Uncle Donald!" Melanie called.

Donald took a deep breath and blew out his candles, which were just two candles: a "4" and an "0".

"What did you wish for Uncle Donald?" Melanie asked.

"I already have all I will ever need," Donald answered. "My family"

"Happy Birthday Donald," Bella said again. "I know I'm not leaving again."

"You better not!" Donald said in a teasing tone.

The two siblings hugged.

"Does mean that she will be living our basement forever?!" Daisy playfully added.

Bella bit her lip.

"I don't know…"

Daisy laughed.

"I was just kidding. Let me help you serve the cake."

The End

Author Note:

I hope you enjoyed this story. I surely had great time writing it. I had so much fun with the characters of Bella and Melanie Widgeon that I decided to continue their saga in another fanfiction. Plus there were a few subplots in this book involving the boys that I felt needed more exploration. I hope you too are interested and check out the next book in the series.

As always, please review and tell me what you think.


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