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Back to the Nest

Chapter 2

Donald was pacing back and forth, when there was a knock at the door. Daisy looked at Donald.

"Aren’t you going to answer that?" she asked.

Donald turned around sharply. "You live here now too, don’t you?" he snapped.

Daisy rolled her eyes. If she didn’t know how upset he really was, Mr. Duck would be suffering a fat beak about now. She proceeded to the door and answered it.

"Oh My God!" the voice at the door shouted. "I can’t believe it! Daisy!! You and Donald finally hooked up?"

Daisy plastered on a fake smile. Dumbella was being too cheerful.

"Is great to see you again too…Where’s Gregory?" asked Daisy.

Bella frowned. She turned around for a moment. She knew Daisy was only trying to be nice. She could tell, Daisy really thought quite little of her. And of what did think of her, it was not kindness. She disgusted Daisy.

Bella turned around, and sighed.

"I don’t know how much Donald told you, but Gregory left me," Bella answered.

"Oh, how terrible," Daisy said insincerely.

Bella clammed up. She knew Daisy had every reason not to like her.

Noticing that Bella wasn’t going to say anything else for the moment, Daisy continued, "Donald is inside. The boys are not home yet."

Bella nodded. "Well, that kinda works out actually…"

"Oh? Want to avoid them some more?" questioned Daisy.

Bella ignored her. "Where’s Donald?"

Bella walked pass Daisy, "Donald?" she repeated.

Bella wandered into the next room. "Daisy told me you were home, I would like to talk to you…"

Donald standing in the back room pacing when he heard Bella’s voice.

"Dumbella…" he snapped. And for a while there, that was the last audible thing that came out of his mouth.

Daisy laughed in the background.

"Donald please…" Bella begged. "Let me explain."

"Why…why should I? I mean 10 years Dumbella…10 YEARS…You know what? I used to feel sorry about your name…but, now I think it fits don’t you?"

Bella hid her tears. She did partly deserve them; "It’s Bella now…"

"Ha!" Donald laughed. "Leave, before the boys arrive. They are not yours anymore. Hell, they are not mining. They are their own...but they’re more mine then yours. Leave!"

"I want to make it right." Bella pleaded.

"LEAVE!" Donald shouted. "Or do I need to throw you out?"

"Don’t you think it should be for the boys to decide, Donald?" Bella shouted.

Donald shook his head. "Out!"

10 years earlier….

"Mommy…where are you mommy?" Huey cried out in his sleep.

He tossed and turned, and then woke up.

Louie looked at Dewey; Huey’s nightmare had kept them up.

"I don’t think she’s coming back," Louie said.

"Me either," said Dewey. "Why? Doesn’t she love us anymore…"

Knock, Knock

"Hey, boys, that show you like Duck Force is on, want to watch?" asked Donald.

Louie smiled. "Yes!"

"Will you ever leave us Unca Donald?" asked Dewey.

"No, no…never…" Donald said, taking his nephews into his arms.

Bella looked shocked.

"I am sorry," she continued. "Donald," she said as she started to cry. "I know I do not deserve forgiveness…but.don’t you think this not your choice?"

The boys opened the front door.

"Daisy, what’s all the screaming about?" We could hear it a few houses down…"

Donald starting screaming nonaudiable again…

"I won’t let you hurt them again!" Donald yelled.

To Be Continued

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