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Back to the Nest

Chapter 3

The boys opened the front door.

"Daisy, what’s all the screaming about?" We could hear it a few houses down…"

Donald starting screaming nonaudiable again…

"I won’t let you hurt them again!" Donald yelled.

"Hurt who? Daisy?" asked Dewey. "What is he talking about?"

Before Daisy could stop them, the three boys walked pass her and entered the next room.

"I just want you to leave!" shouted Donald.

"Whoa, Whoa, Uncle Donald," said Huey said. "Where’s the fire?"

The voice was different, a little mature, but it was definitely familiar.

Dewey and Louie followed soon later.

"What’s going on?" said Dewey?

"Tell them," Donald demanded.

"Tell us what?" said Louie. "Who is that with you?"

Just a moment after Louie said those words: he noticed the backside of the female duck in front of Donald. She had slightly wavy light brown hair.

The blood drained from Louie’s face as he grabbed hold of Dewey’s shoulder to keep the balance.

"You all right?" Dewey whispered.

Louie didn’t answer.

Huey eyed the woman in front of Louie. He placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Now look what you done!" shouted Donald.

"Donald," she said then paused. She turned. Tears entered her eyes as she looked up to see three teenaged ducks, her teenaged ducks.

"Mom??" Dewey inquired.

"It is you," added Louie.

"Yes…" said Bella.

"Mom…" continued Louie.

Huey nodded his head and laughed.

He sighed, "Hello Dumbella, what brings you into town?"

Bella didn’t quite know how she should react to that…Donald was right; she sure hasn’t been acting like a mother these 10 years. It made sense that Huey wouldn’t address her as his mother.

"I wanted to see how you three are," she answered truthfully yet omit.

Huey nodded. "And why didn’t you come sooner? Like ten years. I mean a mother at least visits her children…Uncle Donald, I’m going out!"

"Huey..Wait…" Donald called out. But, it was too late, Huey zoomed out, so fast Daisy had to grab hold of something to keep balance.

"Look what you did!!" Donald shouted, as he started to head out the door.

He bumped into Daisy before he made it all the way out.

Donald started to shout nonaudibly. "Daisy! You let him get away!"

Daisy laughed uneasily. "He ran so fast he could have brought this house down. "You are not going to catch him Donald."

"Great…Just great…" Donald shouted.

"Seriously, Mom, why now?" asked Dewey. "Why show up now?"

"I want to make amends. I have grown up…and want to try to fix the mess I made," Bella asked.

"We thought you might have been dead," added Louie.

Dewey shook his head. "Nah, no, we never really believed that. Uncle Donald would have told us if you were. But we didn’t want to think you would just openly abandon us either. Our loser father never raised us at all. And then six years later you left us. I know you were unmarried and scarred. But Uncle Donald wasn’t married either at the time. It was like you just didn’t care. We were a burden to you."

"No…no…" Bella cried.

Flash Back

"I have to pick up my boys from brother’s." said Bella.

"No, I thought we had an understanding here…" said Gregory. "No kids."

"Never?" asked Bella. "What if had a child?"

Gregory stared at Bella. "You are not…?"


End of Flash Back

"No, I was wrong…I made a mistake –" Bella started.

"That’s an understatement!" shouted Donald.

"And I’m not going to hide it from my family again," Bella continued.

Dewey looked at Louie.

"Well, I hope so," said Louie. "I would like to know my mother again…"

"Well, mom, we are going to take this slow, but I would like get know you again. But you have to take the time to get to know us too. We are not your six year-old boys anymore. We are young men that you don’t know," Dewey stated.

"Well, if you let me, I would like get to know you. Know all three of you," Bella said.

"Good," said Dewey.

Bella forced a small smile. Will the boys be ready for her next surprise?

To Be Continued

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