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A Disney Duck Fanfiction

Written By

Stef With a F

Disclaimers: Disney owns Donald Duck and Crew. And yes, Donald' sister's name is Dumbella, honest to Duck truth. I used to work for Disney. BTW Disney Dudes, don't sue me. I'm not making money off this. I'm just a fan. Love you Walt Disney!

Author Notes: Characters Own/Designed By Me: Bella Widgeon, Melanie Widgeon, Gregory Widegon, Cindy Ganderquack, and Jeffery Ruddy.


Note: This Story does take some creative licenses into account. Such as the age difference between Dumbella and Donald. (In the comic world it is mentioned they are twins.) And the fact I meant "Dumbella" her given name instead of Della (which was mentioned in the comics but not the animated short in which this is based.)

Donald tossed and turned all night, just as he did the night before. Daisy rolled and caressed his face.

"Honey," she whispered. "What is it? What is wrong?"

Donald sighed. "Dumbella..."

"Dumbella?!" Daisy said, astonished. "What brought her to mind?"

"She called today...after ten years she called.

Daisy got up out of their bed. Donald and she had been married for a year now. The boys were sixteen and haven't seen their mother since they were six years old. The boys never really knew the reason their mother Dumbella left them that fateful day. Partially because Donald didn't want the children to have such heart break."

"Why now?" Daisy whispered. "How could a woman abandon her children like that?" she almost shouted. "I just could...."

Donald made a face...."Gregory..." he said and paused for second. "The man he had to be with, left her."

"Well, kinda serves her right," Dasiy said coldly.

"She has been on her own for a while. Want's to check on the boys...want's to see how they been..."

"A little late don't you think? The are practically men."


Mama," called a young child, maybe six years of age. "Are we there yet?"

The older woman smiled. "No honey," she said. "Not yet."

The mother looked at her youngest child, her only daughter, Melanie. She remembered the day she took off from this child’s father. This man already made her abandon three of her babies. She was unwise, stupid.

What did Donald tell the boys about her? Do they hate her?

The woman sighed.

"Mama?" said Melanie. "You okay?"

"Mama Bella is fine, just excited a little… Hold on tight, okay? We have a few more miles to go before we stop for the night."

Bella and Melanie drove away in her motorcycle.

To learn more about Dumbella, go to this link, her only episode appearance:

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