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Pictured with Launchpad McQuack

Picture was a gift from Brenna/Skymouth, Please do not Take!



NAME: Dumbella (Duck) Duck Widegon McQuack

A.K.A.: None (Della or Thelma in the comics, not exactly my character but her past is my design.)

NICKNAMES: Bella, she hates her given name

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Same height as her brother Donald, white feathers, light brown hair

CLOTHING: Black jeans, red t-shirt, sometimes a leather coat

OCCUPATION: Works at a Toy store as a cashier

HOBBIES: Rides her beloved motorcycle, late night swims


ORIGIN: Legendary sister of Donald's Nephews, comes back after 10 years of abandonment.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: She spends time alone to think or talks to her brother or her bestfriend Cindy

MOTIVATION: Forgiveness and a chance to move on in her life.

PERSONALITY: Reserved, twice burned, forever shy. Adventurous, very curious person. Worries about her family's dangerous life style.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Mother of Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck, and Melanie Widegon, Wife of Launchpad McQuack, Ex-wife of Kyle Duck, and Greg Widegon, sister of Donald Duck, sister-in-law of Daisy Duck and Loopy McQuack, and good friends to Cindy Ganderquack and Morgana Macawber-Mallard


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