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Double Triangle Trouble

A Disney Duck Fanfic:

Instead of being purely based on one entity, this story takes background from Classic Donald Duck cartoons, Ducktales, and Darkwing Duck.

Written By

Stef With a F


Nightw2 (aka comickook)

Disclaimers: Disney owns most of these characters. Dumbella Duck's past as Bella Widgeon is mine, as are the characters of Melanie Widgeon, Ronnie and Lisa Mallard, and whomever else I mention in the future.

Author Notes: This story is a sequel to the stories "Back to the Nest" and "Extended Wings". Reading those stories prior this one would help; though you most likely could understand this story regardless.

Chapters 8 & 9

Written By: Brad Eugene Palmer

Triangle of Problems

During the museum tour, Gosalyn encountered Huey, Dewey and Louie. "Hiya, Gos. Glad to see that you could make it to Rio already." Huey said sincerely but quietly.

"Thanks, Huey. I knew you were coming, but I didn't know if your plane arrived already or not. I figured the museum tour would be a good way to kill time and get a feel for the foreign culture." Gosalyn responded back quietly before noticing how closely five of the individuals on the tour were eyeing the diamond that was on display.

"Whoa, that is some sparkler." a voice called out that was all-too-familar to Gosalyn, who was surprised, but not TOO surprised, to hear said voice.

"Well, by this time tomorrow, that diamond will be ours and it won't be long after that until invincibility is mine as well." another all-too-familiar voice commented.

"What are they talking about?" Huey asked quietly as he, along with Gosalyn and his siblings, overheard the two Fearsome Five members.

"That is the "'Divine Eye Diamond'". According to legend, that jewel possesses the ability to infuse somebody with immortality, omniscience, unlimited physical strength and the power of absolute weather control under the right conditions." Dewey explained quietly as if reading out of one of his Uncle Scrooge's obscure books on ancient treasure legends.

"Errr, what would be those conditions?" Louie asked nervously but quietly.

"Accoring to legend The diamond must be placed on a pedestal in a certain temple by sunrise on a certain day; pretty much any numbered anniversary of the day of the diamond's creation that can be divided by 500 to form a full number (500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, etc.). However, it would take trekking through many miles of thick Rain Forest utterly crawling with jungle animals to reach the temple and, even then, the temple has a considerable assortment of boobytraps. Mind you, it's not impossible -- we've been on enough adventures with Uncle Scrooge to know THAT-- But it is still very difficult; even NOT taking into account the fact that this diamond is protected by a state-of-the-art security system." Dewey answered, still sounding like he was reading out of one of his Uncle Scrooge's obscure treasure legend books for the first half.

"Trust me, if those five are who I think they are, the security system wouldn't even be an annoyance to them, nor would the temple's boobytraps. Okay, the forest might be somewhat of a hassle just because of the distance, but that would STILL be manageable. If I'm right, that's the Fearsome Five." Gosalyn said simply and extra-quietly

"The Fearsome Five? We've heard about those creeps from a few Saint Canard newspapers. If they're planning on swiping that diamond, then we'd better find somebody to stop them." Huey commented extra-quietly.

"Yeah. No kidding! Well, we'll be able to cover more reinforcement-gathering ground if we split up." Gosalyn said matter-of-factly before giving Huey a quick but loving hug.

After Gosalyn left earshot (well, was out of range of where the ears WOULD be on a duck), Huey said, "Well, I think we know our duty. Those jewel thieves have got to be stopped and we're just the three to do it. After all, even if this IS the Fearsome Five, we've got a lot of experience with tough and nasty customers, don't we?" Huey said after he and his brothers left the museum.

"Yes, but I'm actually glad now that Webby had to stay behind. Still, it HAS been too long since we've had a REAL adventure." Louie admitted.

"I'm in too, Huston." Dewey added.

Meanwhile, in the Mallards' Suite, Morgana's mystic senses homed in on the source of the disturbance she felt (even though her eyes couldn't see anything) and unleashed a powerful, double-handed mystic bolt at precisely where the disturbance source was pinpointed, temporarily shorting out Bulba's cloaking device.

As the blast revealed the now-visible Taurus Bulba, the cybernetic bull started to use his bionic extension arm to catch the sorceress, but the sorceress expertly ducked the arm, got in close to the cybernetic bovine and teleported herself and Bulba out of the suite just seconds before Gosalyn got back, who started digging through her luggage to the secret compartment of one suitcase. This compartment was specially treated just as were the secret suitcase compartments in which Drake packed his Darkwing gear every time the Mallards DID go one vacation, where she kept her updated Quiverwing Quack gear just in case something came up while her father was pre-occupied with another case.

Gosalyn got the gear out of the compartment and discreetly sneaked off before Morgana teleported back in following her freezing Bulba and leaving him about ten miles away (though, unbeknownst to the sorceress, the sinister cyborg was already thawing out thanks to the temperature regulation system that not only kept his circuits from overheating, but also allowed him to thaw out in minutes if frozen solid).

Back at the inventors' convention, Darkwing tossed one of his smoke bombs just as ten of Steelbeak's Eggmen were quickly closing in. This gave him JUST enough cover to get clear of the Eggmen just as they literally ran into each other. A quickly shot super-strength glue bomb from his gas gun ensnared those ten Eggmen quite securely.

Launchpad, meanwhile, was holding his own quite nicely against another four of the Eggmen (thanks to a seven years of Quack-Fu training, the pilot, while still not quite as good as Darkwing on a very good day, was a pretty good hand-to-hand fighter in his own right), but the rest of the Eggmen were going for the inventors. Thanks to carefully planned sneak attacks, Darkwing stopped about a dozen of the Eggmen who went for the inventors just as Launchpad finished subduing the fourth Eggman attacking HIM directly. A little weary from the effort he put into fighting the Eggmen, Launchpad accidentally leaned across a table loaded with chemicals just as Darkwing dodged a blaster shot from one of the Eggmen's guns. The ray, instead, hit a leg on the table, that Launchpad was leaning across.

The destroyed leg, combined with the weight of the leaning Launchpad, was enough to send all the chemicals flying into the main hall. The spilled chemicals all mixed together into an immensely powerful stick gas eruption, which subdued all the Eggmen in the area (it was only his having the presence of mind to wear beak filters that protected Darkwing from the gas so that he could focus on getting the inventors out of the stink gas cloud. As Launchpad chased Steelbeak himself, the metal-mouthed super-spy pressed the button that was the signal for the dozen new CYBER-Eggmen to start on their way toward the center.

As Darkwing finished getting the last inventor out of the stink gas filled center hall, the Cyber-Eggmen finally arrived. "I figured Hoota might git youse involved, Dimwing, so I took da precaution a' keep'n my REAL ace-n'-da-hole unda wraps until dey were REALLY needed. Dipwad, meet da CYBA-Eggmen." Steelbeak replied.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel the Mallards were staying atů

Gosalyn finally found an area where she could privately change into the dark green bodysuit with matching mask and archer's hat, dark green hooded cape with bright red lining and bright red gloves with matching boots she had brought along. Upon attaching her updated trick arrow quiver between the back and her cape, Gosalyn stepped out of her changing area and discreetly sneaked out of the hotel; making a beeline for the museum. "This could go a long way toward proving to dad that I deserve a chance to fight crime by his side. Perhaps, if I get a chance to help him in his work enough, it'll give me more opportunities to work on regaining his trust. So, look out Fearsome Five. Here comes the Quiverwing Quack.

Chapter 9

The Duck Triplets returned to their room and found Daisy, Bella and Melanie already in the room. "Hello, boys. Back from your tour already?" Bella asked.

"Well, not really, mom. We just came back to check up on you, Uncle Donald, Aunt Daisy and our little sister before we continued any further." Louie answered, subconsciously feeling like dirt for lying to his mother. However, if she knew they intended to stop the Fearsome Five from stealing a priceless and possibly magical diamond, she would have been worried out of her mind and Louie knew it. After all, she knew her boys could handle themselves for the most part, but this was the three of them against five of the most formidable criminals in Saint Canard.

"Yeah, speaking of which, Aunt Daisy, where is Uncle Donald?" Dewey asked in an even, but curious-sounding, tone.

"Oh, he's having an old time's chat with his old friend, Jose. Who knows how long that will take? You know how your Uncle Donald gets when he's talking to an old friend he hasn't seen in years." Daisy answered. The triplets nodded in full agreement.

Meanwhile, at the inventor's convention, three of the Cyber-Eggmen started firing their wrist lasers at Darkwing and Launchpad while hovering in mid-air on their heel jets. The two heroes dodged the blasts, but saw massive holes where the blasts hit. Knowing that the walls behind them were made of reinforced concrete and that those blasts went through like those walls were next to nothing, Darkwing and Launchpad looked at each other half-nervously.

Just then, four more Cyber-Eggmen, each of these four carrying a twenty-ton rock and coming at them at 400 miles per hour, started coming at the purple-clad masked hero and his sidekick, who quickly each leapt through one of the gaping holes the first three Cyber-Eggmen made with their wrist lasers. The four boulder-carrying Cyber-Eggmen, however, followed them inside with their cargos and started each flying at them from a different angle.

"Let's see now. Four twenty-ton objects on a four-way collision course coming at us at 400 miles per hour. Yeah, I'd say that would hurt like the dickens." Darkwing said as he grabbed Launchpad, fired the grappling hook attachment of his gas gun toward the roof and activated the "retract" switch as the four Cyber Eggmen's boulders all crashed into each other.

"Unless, of course, we climb out of the way in time." the masked duck added with a smirk just before one of the four Cyber-Eggmen who followed them into blasted out the portion of the roof that Darkwing's grapple was attached too with his wrist laser. Thinking fast, however, Darkwing wrapped his cape around the barrel of his gas gun and started firing repeatedly until he had enough gas in it to make for an excellent make-shift airbag, which saved both him and Launchpad; from the fall, anyway as both ducks observed upon seeing that all twelve Cyber-Eggmen had their wrist lasers trained on them.

Thinking fast once more, Darkwing took out a small knife and cut just enough of a hole into his cape to let all the gas out, figuring this would blind the Cyber Eggmen long enough for him and Launchpad to get to cover and strike when they had the element of surprise. However, seeing the Cyber-Eggmen coughing and gagging on the gas made Darkwing realize that his tactic had a better effect than he had hoped (in fact, three of the Cyber-Eggmen were subdued by the release of that large amount of gases.

Steelbeak was upset beyond belief that Darkwing was giving the Cyber-Eggmen this much trouble, but nine of the Cyber-Eggmen had recovered enough to resume the pursuit of Darkwing and Launchpad, who had split up to search the convention hall for weapons they can use (this was, after all, an INVENTOR's convention).

Shortly after the museum closed for the day, Quiverwing arrived, discreetly waiting behind the bushes for the Fearsome Five's arrival with a heavily insulated net arrow already put in the bow. One shot could trap Megavolt, Negaduck and Quackerjack right from the upshot. Following that, she could subdue Bushroot with a few well-struck Quack-Fu kicks and Liquidator could be trapped with a quick-drying cement arrow once she snuck back into the shadows and had a chance to reload her bow. Yes sir, this would show her dad that she was most certainly ready to actively help him full-time with his crime-fighting, which would give her opportunties galore to re-earn his trust.

Meanwhile, the Duck Triplets, having already gathered everything they packed that they might feel could be useful against the Fearsome Five (which wasn't much admittedly just some ropes, few water balloons and a couple of emergency flares; they never expected to be on an adventure of this magnitude when they packed for their trip), started making their own way to the museum just ten minutes behind the Fearsome Five.

Back at the inventor's convention, Steelbeak had saw Darkwing trap three more of his Cyber-Eggmen with a super-magnett and Launchpad use one of Doctor Bellum's freeze ray pistols to trap another three and was absolutely furious.

However, the alert on his vehicle indicating that military personnel were on their way told the veteran agent that he could try again later on. One of the remaining Cyber-Eggmen zapped the freeze-ray Launchpad was using with his wrist laser and used another wrist laser blast to disable the magnet that trapped three of his comrades while the other two held off Darkwing and Launchpad long enough for Steelbeak to make it to and start up his getaway vehicle and for the one that freed the magnet-trapped Cyber-Eggmen to thaw out the three that were trapped in ice thanks to the flames from his heel jets. As the three that were subdued by the improtu gas discharge came to, all twelve of the Cyber-Eggmen flew after their boss.

"Drat it. That slippery scum, Steelbeak got away and so did his metal miltia." Darkwing said with a sigh.

"Awww, lighten up, DW. At least we foiled the attempt to grab the inventors and we captured a small army of normal Eggmen." Launchpad pointed out.

"Yeah; This time, at least, LP." Darkwing replied.

"Hey, we did it ONCE, we can do it again." Launchpad added reassuringly.

"Yeah. We can, can't we? And I'll just bet that we'll apprehend the metal-mouthed malifactor and his chrome covered cronies next time." Darkwing said just as the military arrived on the scene.

Back at the museum...

The Fearsome Five arrived and Quiverwing quickly spotted them, pulling back on her bow and drawing careful aim, but Bushroot's telepathy with plants caused him to cause the warning of a large tree that was near the bush that Quiverwing was hiding in.

Urging the tree to attack, Bushroot watched as the Quiverwing Quack had to abandon her hiding place and fire on the run, still managing to catch Megavolt, Negaduck and Quackerjack in that net. Though it was too insulated for Megavolt's electrical powers to do any good, Negaduck was able to carve his way out with the aid of his double-diamond-topped, 8000-horsepower variations of her father's buzzsaw cufflinks just as Bushroot enlongated his vine-like arms enough to trip up Quiverwing.

"Well, well, if it isn't the Quivering HACK. Trying to play hero to impress daddy-kins? Well, you bit off more than you can chew against all five of us." Negaduck said tauntingly as he recalled the hassles he had with the Quiverwing Quack seven years ago.

Quiverwing grabbed Bushroot's arms and made a deft flip that caused Bushroot to get wrapped around a nearby tree and quickly fired the quick-drying cement arrow that trapped Liquidator before simply punching out Bushroot while he was still tangled up and dazed (before he could recover enough to cause any trees to attacks). Quackerjack, though, already had four sets of his killer toy teeth tracking Quiverwing while Megavolt was busy siphoning off the energy to the museum's security system. Even though four quickly-fired super-glue-bomb arrows managed to stop the teeth in their tracks and Quiverwing was able to subdue Quackerjack with a rapid series of Quack-Fu kicks and punches, Megavolt still succeeded in draining off the security system's power; right down to the back-up generators.

A pair of insulated bola arrows, however, managed to stop Megavolt; leaving only Negaduck (who had already gained entry into the museum) to contend with. The masked heroine went in and headed for the diamond, knowing that's what her adoptive father's evil counterpart was after. "I see you managed to subdue the four stooges without too much trouble, but enough with the warm-ups. Let's get to the main event." Negaduck said as he he approached from the shadows and pulled out two bazookas.

Quiverwing glared defiantly at the black masked avian arch-criminal and did a duck and roll maneuver while firing two acid arrows that hit and dissolved the bazookas. "Yes. Let's shall." Quiverwing replied as she tackled Negaduck, who flipped her off of him and tried to perform a catapult kick, only to have Quiverwing duck it and pull on his cape to whip him head first into the ground. Grumbling, Negaduck removed his cape and flung his red fedora, which had razor-sharp blades emerge from the brim as it spun, at the teen heroine. "Somebody's been watching "'Goldfeather'" a few too many times." Quiverwing quipped as she ducked the hat and it went right through column directly behind her.

After she dived out of the way of the falling column she saw that the fedora was coming back toward her and following her like a well-trained bloodhound. "Okay, homing device built into the blade hat. Nice touch." Quiverwing said as she dived and skewered the hat with an electro-shock arrow. Negaduck capitialized on this diversion however and tackled the heroine from behind, leaping off before she had a chance to get up turn around and counter. As Quiverwing DID start to get up, she got nailed by one of Negaduck's spin kicks followed immediately by a nostril flip. Feeling that Quiverwing was sufficently softened up by this point, Negaduck reactivated his buzzsaw cufflinks and started to move in for the kill.

Outside, however, Huey, Dewey and Louie were starting to make their way inside the museum themselves. They took the precaution of calling the Rio police as they neared the museum, but when they saw that four of the Fearsome Five were already defeated, they were wondering if the police would be there in time to do more than just mop up. Still, they went inside and tried to see if they could be of any help against the last of the Fearsome Five members.

As it turned out, they got there just in time to see Negaduck closing in for the kill on Quiverwing. Bravely, Dewey tossed one of the emergency flares into Negaduck's path, blinding him long enough for Quiverwing to nail the villain with the same type of catapult kick HE tried earlier. Louie pelted Negaduck with two of the water balloons which called Negaduck's attention to the triplets and gave Quiverwing the chance to come up from behind on Negaduck twist his face toward her and sock him squarely in the jaw. Getting up, Negaduck pulled out two grenades, pulled the pins and discreetly rolled them toward the two large pillars closest to the triplets (on the sides of said pillars opposite to the ones that the triplets were on. The resulting explosions caused the pillars to start to fall on top of the triplets, but Quiverwing got them out of the way in time. The combined impact from both pillars, though, caused the part of the floor that as impacted to crumble beneath Quiverwing's feet (the triplets were pushed JUST out of the range of the crumbling part of the floor). To top it off, the loosened pillars also caused enough to the roof to collapse to bury Quiverwing under literally two tons of debris. Even though her costume was padded enough to allow her to survive her ten foot fall AND the two tons of debris (all of Negaduck's attacks were primarily aimed at the head rather than the more protected body, so that provides the explanation needed to explain how Neg's blows could take enough out of her that she might need a few seconds recovery time), the heroine was still trapped.

Negaduck considered going after the diamond, but the sound of incoming police told him that he'd better simply bust out his allies later that night and make another try for the diamond later on. Huey, meanwhile, started to break out the ropes so that he and his siblings could climb down and help Quiverwing get out of that wreckage while Negaduck left the scene.

To be continued

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