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Extended Wings

A Disney Duck Fanfiction:

Instead of being purely based on one entity, this story takes background from Classic Donald Duck cartoons, Ducktales, and Darkwing Duck.

Written By

Stef With a F


Disney owns most of these characters. Dumbella's past as Bella Widgeon is mine, as are the characters of Melanie Widgeon, Cindy Ganderquack, Jeffery Ruddy, Ronnie and Lisa Mallard, and whomever else I mention in the future.

Author Note:

This story is sequel of sorts to the story Back to the Nest. You should be able to catch the bulk of the story without reading Back to the Nest, but it would give you more background on Bella Widgeon. Though, if you plan on reading Back to the Nest, this story reveals a major spoiler or two. Besides, I would love to know what you think. This story is rated PG-13 for adult themes, but nothing really major. I'm just being on the safe side. Most of these chapters will most likely be PG.


Chapter 3

"You worked for Uncle Scrooge," Bella stated.

Launchpad stared at Bella with wide eyes, "So you are their mother," he said slowly.

"Yes, I am." Bella responded. "I really hope this does not ruin what we have together. I feel that we have been having a lot of fun together. Does this change what you feel for me?"

"What happened? Why didn't your raise your children?" Launchpad asked.

"It was complicated. Though, I am still not proud of it. I will never forgive myself for my lost years with my children."

Launchpad caressed Bella's face.

"You are a beautiful woman. You are fun. Mysterious…"

Launchpad laughed.

"Even more mysterious than I thought."

Bella made a half smile.

"But you have a kind heart. I see it every day at the toy store. The way you give personal attention to all the children. Remember the day we met?"

Bella smiled.

"Yes, I was definitely enjoying your flattery that night -- a lot of points. Yet, you left without telling me your name."

Launchpad chuckled. "Ronnie was in such a big hurry to try out his new toys."

"Daddy could I go on that ride?!" young Lisa Mallard shouted.

Drake Mallard looked up. It was the Ring of Fire: Two boxcars high in the sky going around and around at high velocities.

"I think not young lady. I don't think even Daddy is old enough for that ride."

Lisa stomped her feet and pouted.

"It is not open for discussion. If you want to go into circles, let's go on this Ferris wheel," Drake offered.

Lisa looked up at the Ferris wheel.

"Yay!" she shouted.

Morgana appeared with a bag of cotton candy and three hot dogs. Four-year-old Ronnie Mallard was already gnawing on his hot hog.

"Dark…I thought we were going to stop and eat for a bit?"

Drake nodded. "That's a great idea. Come Lisa, we are going to eat."

"But the Wheel!?!" she contested, her hands on her hips.

"It will still be there after we are done."

The three-year-old dropped her hands.

"Okay, Daddy, but then you can win me a stuffed toy. Ooh! Gizmo Duck!"

Drake mumbled something under his breath. The nerve! How dare they feature a Gizmo Duck stuff toy in his domain!

"What about a Darkwing stuffed toy?" Drake asked.

Lisa looked at Drake like he was crazy.

"I already have one daddy!"

Drake was unfazed. "You can never have too many."

He walked closer to the prize booth. "You see, this one is a perfect replica of my new improved rip proof cape. And this one is among my limited edition collectible Gas-Guns of the Month series."

Morgana grabbed Drake.

"Come on before our hot dogs get cold," she demanded.

Bella chuckled.

"Ronnie reminded me of my boys when they were that age. So where is the little Rugrat tonight?"

"St. Canard Fair, with his parents and his younger sister Lisa. She's three, a feisty one."

Bella smiled.

"Melanie is more of a free spirit. It's amazing how well adjusted that child is. But anyway, you got me at a disadvantage. I know you do not have any children. But, you must have family somewhere. You know my uncle, most likely my brother, and three of my kids. Are your parents still around? Do you have any siblings?"

Launchpad nodded.

"My father's name is Ripcord, my mother is Birdie, and I have one sister, Loopy," Launchpad replied.

"I would like to meet them one day."

Launchpad laughed nervously. "Sure…"

Bella laughed.

"Don't freak, there is no hurry. Unless there is some reason you don't want me to meet them…"

"Oh no…"

Launchpad was showing hints of discomfort.

Bella put her hand on Launchpad's shoulder.

"May I take you order?" asked the waiter, interrupting the tense conversation.

Bella smiled at Launchpad.

"Ready?" she whispered.

When Launchpad nodded, Bella turned to the waiter and nodded.

"Yes please."

To Be Continued

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             Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Stefanie "Stef With an F" Dinino, Disney characters copyrighted by Disney, used in a non-profit matter