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Extended Wings

A Disney Duck Fanfic:

Instead of being purely based on one entity, this story takes background from Classic Donald Duck cartoons, Ducktales, and Darkwing Duck.

Written By

Stef With a F


Disney owns most of these characters. Dumbella's past as Bella Widgeon is mine, as are the characters of Melanie Widgeon, Cindy Ganderquack, Jeffery Ruddy, Ronnie and Lisa Mallard, and whomever else I mention in the future.

Author Note:

This story is sequel of sorts to the story Back to the Nest. You should be able to catch the bulk of the story without reading Back to the Nest, but it would give you more background on Bella Widgeon. Though, if you plan on reading Back to the Nest, this story reveals a major spoiler or two. Besides, I would love to know what you think. This story is rated PG-13 for adult themes, but nothing really major. I'm just being on the safe side. Most of these chapters will most likely be PG.

And oh!!! Something a reviewer said made me think…

When Morgana mentioned their three children she was including Gosalyn. Thought I would add this note just in case someone was not sure.

Chapter 5

A few minutes have passed, Gosalyn walked out of the kitchen with a soda and Drake was in the front room pacing back and forth.

He gave Gosalyn a grace period of about five minutes. Heck, he gave himself five minutes to calm his nerves.

"Gosalyn," he called. "Come out here. I need to talk to you."

Gosalyn put down her soda and walked into the room, her arms crossed upon her chest.

"What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?"

Gosalyn rolled her eyes.

"Dad!" Gosalyn shouted. "It's not what you think."

Drake shook his head. He surely did hope it was not what he thought. Gosalyn was his little girl, and as far as he was concerned, she always would be.

"We will discuss this Gosalyn," he informed her. "You go up to your room, and know you won't be coming out of it for an awfully long time. And do not even think you will be calling that boy either."

"Dad, I love him!" Gosalyn screamed.

Drake turned his back. Oh this kid was going to die if he ever stepped in the house again. He took a deep breath. This hooligan! He was once a teenaged boy himself and remembered it all too well. Young men would say whatever it took to get a woman into bed.

"Don't trust teenage boys! I was one; I know what I am talking about. You might hate me now, but you will thank me later." Drake shouted.

"I'm not a baby Dad!" Gosalyn shouted.

"You are my baby!" Drake shouted back.

Gosalyn closed her eyes and sighed.

"Goodnight Gosalyn," Drake said.

Gosalyn nodded her head and went slowly up the stairs.

Drake lowered his head into his hands and sighed. He thought Gosalyn, as a pre-teen was tough. Boy was he wrong.

Huey was walking down the street. He had taken a bus over to St. Canard since Dewey had the car for the night rehearsing with his band. He would have left hours ago. He never considered a few minutes of cuddling would turn into a two-hour nap. It was only a nap.

He sighed. Mr. Mallard had a valid reason for getting upset since it was nearly 1am. It was amazing that Mr. and Mrs. Mallard had not come home sooner. They must have been having a fun time at the fair. Huey admitted he found it strange since they had two kids with them, but of course this fact was no business of his.

By now, his parents, well, his aunt and uncle anyway, who, as far as he was concerned were his parents, would be concerned. His curfew was midnight, unless something came up. Falling asleep on his girlfriend's couch without the courtesy of a phone call was not an acceptable excuse.

He was too young at the time to remember his father, and his mother just recently re-entered his life. Yet, she has been trying, Huey would give her that.

"A ride home would be nice," Huey mumbled to himself.

Huey made it to the bus stop at the end of the block, and once again looked at his watch. The night bus usually ran hourly until 3am. If the bus was on time, it should be here at any moment.

Bella drove back into the restaurant parking lot.

"See your car is this there," she informed Launchpad with a laugh.

Launchpad shook his head.

"Bella, you sure like to tease."

Bella smiled, and then winked.

"Especially when it is with you."

"I had fun riding with you tonight," Launchpad said while stepping off the back of Bella's bike.

"Good to know that you were not intimidated being the passenger position," Bella said in teasing tone. "It is known to some as the bitch seat."

Launchpad placed his hand over his mouth, pretending to be disgusted.

"Well that's not nice!" he said.

"Yes, exactly, not nice at all," Bella agreed with a nod.

Launchpad shook his head and smiled.

"You are such a crazy woman. But that's what I love about you," Launchpad stated.

Bella pouted.

"I prefer wild woman," she stated proudly.

Launchpad laughed.

Bella frowned then.

Launchpad suddenly stopped laughed and looked at her with concern.

"I just hope my wild past doesn’t destroy my relationship with my children forever. Dewey and Louie, well, I seem to get along with them well, but Huey and I…Well, let's say we still have some work to do."

Launchpad shrugged his shoulders.

"Only time will tell I guess," he said. "I better get going, it's getting late."

"Yeah, I should get going to, I have shift to cover tomorrow at the store," Bella added.

Launchpad placed his arms around Bella's hips, and kissed her on lips.

"Goodnight Bella, take care."

Bella kissed Launchpad back and gave him a big hug in return.

"Sweet Dreams," she returned.

Launchpad entered his car. He rolled down the car window and waved to Bella.

Bella smiled.

She latched up her helmet, waved back, and then drove out of the parking lot en route to home.

To Be Continued

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