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Hockey Poems

All By Stef With a F

Claude the Turtle

Claude the Turtle is a great Player who thinks he's the Slayer

He thinks that he can get away with shit, and fake crap, and make a fit

Well, he did one day, and the Wings said, No Way!

McCarty Bloodied his face, and made him a disgrace.

And Laugh did we! Oh! When That Came to Be!


Look at Me!

Look at Me! What am I doing?!?! Watching a Hockey Game, I am Why are you Watching that Hockey Game, ask she? Because I wanted to said me. Look outside say said they It's nice outside I know say me, I go outside I say But I want to watch you see I like to see the action on the Ice It is so Nice. I like to see the Game and Fights Often Twice But do you know what I love most of all? What I hold most dear? It's that games are fun and love is grand Family is what we have to cheer And to Life, Love, and Family No manner if it is by blood, marriage, adoption, law or pure love Is the greatest gift of all… Drive safe all! Do what you do to have fun!!! Do what you are! Love: Stef With a F and always Remember... Hey Hey HockeyTown!

To You Red Wings, This Fan Gives her Total Love...

Hello, Redwings…This is a poem for you

To me it does matter what you do,

Just Play to your hearts content

Play to all your dreams are meant

It doesn't matter if you win or lose

Having fun is the real victory

What is a game without fun?

Would that be a game after all?

Red Wings games are always fun!

That's the most important feature of all!

Thank you for all the treasures of the past

Treasures we hold in our hearts forever

Thank you for the good times

And times that may us really think

And Always Remember, I Truth I hold…

New Treasures are on the way!


More to Come...

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