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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 10:32:14 PM EDT

2002-2003 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Stef With a F's Playoff Commentary

Go Mighty Ducks!

It's the Western Conference Finals I have been waiting for The Wild vs The Ducks!

Western Confernce Finals

#6 Minnesota Wild vs. #7 Anaheim Mighty Ducks

May 10, 2003

Well! Now the Mighty Ducks are continuing to kick butt, by two more overtimes wins! The Mighty Ducks have now won 6 playoff games in a row, 5 of them in overtime. Wowsters!

Game 1:

Final Score: 1-0, Ducks (2OT)

With the shutout Giguere now has a 160:49 minute shutout streak, second longest all-time in the NHL

Game 2:


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