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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 10:32:13 PM EDT

2003-2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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NHL - Get Cup Crazy!

Stef With a F's Playoff Commentary

Western Conference:

Quarter Finals

#1 Detroit Red Wings vs. #8 Nashville Predators

Openning commentary:

The Nashville Predators are making their first playoff appearance. If they weren't playing against my Wings I would wish them all my luck, like I did for the Minnesota Wild last year. Ironically they did not make the playoffs this year, neither did the Mighty Ducks which sweep the Redwings just a year before. Anyway...

The Redwings and Predators split the winnings of the six games played in the Regular season. And the Wings won most of the last few games. Of course, I am pumped and ready to seen the Redwings advance to the Semi-Finals this season. Heck, they have to win the Stanley Cup! Go Red Wings!

Game 1:


Oh! What a game! The Predators' Adam Hall score within sixteen seconds of the first period. Gasp! And then not much later after a hook, Sullivan had a Penatly shot against the Red Wings. *Faint* Okay Stef had to tell herself to breathe. Wow. Well he missed! Whew! The first period drained me for a second. Did I lose faith? No not really, I mean, true the Wings lost in sweep last year, but the year before that we lost the first two before receiving hockey's Holy Grail. But, of course a fan likes to see their team succed. Of course they would like to breathe easily, and go "Whoo-hoo!" every 10.8 seconds. *Sigh* Sweet Nothings...

Anyway... My Dad was getting upset, so I had to put on a happy face. Then the second period came. And nothing happened. No scoring on either side. Though, there were a lot of hits. Well, more pentalies. Including ones that were not called. One of the announcers even said, "...gets hook" Oopsie?

And then came the third period...37 seconds into the period, Kris Draper allowed Red Wings fans to resume breathing! With a very nice equal strength goal. Who-Hoo! The Game was tied! Yeah Baby yeah! The arena cheered! Easy Breathing graduated to the next level after when Tomas Holmstrom scored just less than four minutes later. Whoo-hoo! The Easy living came when Robert Lang ensured victory at 18:15!

It's amazing what 20 minutes can do for a fan's mood.

Hey Hey Hockey Town! Onto Saturday...Go Wings! Love Ya!

Game 2:

Game 3:

Commentary for Games 2 & 3: We won one this weekend, and lost one this weekend. Not bad. We are now 2-1 in the series. Winning both the home games so far, and losing the first away game. Hopefully, we will win the game Tuesday night and then wrap the round up Thursday (fingers crossed). Knock on wood.

Game 4:

Not a good game. Well, not for the Redwings anyway. A Shut out! Eek! LOL So far we lost both away games. Oh well, the series is not lost, just tied. Let's Go Red Wings Lets's Go!

Game 5:

Game 6:


Detroit Wins 4-2

The Red Wings Make it to The Semi-Finals!

The Other Series...

#2 San Jose vs. #7 St. Louis: San Jose wins 4-1

#3 Vancouver vs. #6 Calgary: Calgary wins 4-3

#4 Colorado vs. #5 Dallas: Colorado wins 4-1

For Eastern Standings Plus More...

Go onto the Next Page for Western Conference Semi-Finals Converge.

(Check NHL.COM For Eastern Conference info, plus of course Unbiased Western Conference Info)

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