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Red Wings Memory Lane

Sweet memories last for a last time. We all know that the Red Wings both won on June 7, 1997 and June 16, 1998. And I will forever!!! Below are some dates I will never forget...And some for more reasons than One! At the momment I'm only going to add a few dates. So don't think if I omitted some extremely important date, I must be a blind Red Wing Fan because I'm NOT!!!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 10:32:14 PM EDT

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Ten Time Stanley Cup Champions: 1936,1937,1943,1950,1952,1954,1955,1997,1998, 2002

October 8, 1997: The Raising of the Banner...My 18th Birthday..What an Wonderful Combination!?!?!

Articles from the Free Press and News

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March 26, 1997: A Dream Come True

An Article of the Detriot News

A Time for Revenge - 3/26/97


Hey Want to hear something else cool... I graduated June 7, 1998, one year after the Wings won the cup...and My sister turned 16 when the Wings won the cup in 1988! Whoa! That's too Cool!!! Well, in my opinion anyway, I already told you that I was nuts.

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Detroit News Online - 5/12/99

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