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Arrested Development!

Are You a fan? Here's a few things you can do!

A Check List! :)

Write Gail Berman, president of Fox Entertainment: Box 900. Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Send popsicle sticks with the words "Save Arrested Development!" "I Will meetcha at the Big Yellow Joint!" "Bluth Frozen Banannas!", on them whichever tickles your fancy! Heck send all three!

E-mail the Fox: Audience E-Mail:

Call up the Viewer Hotline: 310-369-3066

Watch Every Sunday, and Tell Everyone you know about this great show!

Take the buttons on this site and post them on your site to promote this excelent show!

If you like check out the following Yahoo Groups below. And remember let's not let Fox cancel this awesome show!


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